Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) or External Attack Surface Management (EASM)

Which will better meet your assessment needs?

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The market for new cybersecurity solutions is a crowded and busy place. Analysts like Gartner are always talking about the newest products and categories. But how can you tell which ones will provide real value for your investment by helping you identify and manage risks?

Download a free copy of our new technology review to learn how External Attack Surface Management (EASM) stacks up against Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS). Our guide will help you understand when and where to employ each of these emerging attack surface validation technologies. You’ll discover:

  • Four key things to consider when looking at BAS products 
  • How EASM measures risk and reduces cost
  • When and where to employ each technology 
  • How your organizations can achieve comprehensive risk management that’s automatic and frictionless without breaking the bank