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By CyCognito Marketing Team | November 19, 2019

Investors Shuly Galili, Founding Partner at UpWest, and Dan Scheinman, Angel Investor offered these comments in support of CyCognito.

Shuly Galili, Founding Partner at UpWest

“Rob and Dima are committed to their mission of helping organizations eliminate their security risks, with an approach that uses a whole different lens, the attackers’ lens. Their experience in reconnaissance made it apparent to them that the security process needs to be turned upside down. The most effective security program will start with an understanding what attackers can see and what they find attractive; this is the inverse of the way most organizations are currently addressing cyberattacks.”


Dan Scheinman, Angel Investor

“Fighting 21 st century cybercrime requires an equally current approach and CyCognito is leading the charge. The CyCognito platform uses attacker reconnaissance techniques to provide more visibility to your attacker-exposed assets and how they can be exploited than any other solution. With an understanding of what matters most to your business, the CyCognito platform prioritizes critical risks and offers remediation guidance so that security teams know what to focus on first and how to resolve the issues. Based on lessons learned at other companies, including Zoom, the frictionless on-boarding of a SaaS platform is a winning approach that helps accelerate user adoption.” 



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