CyCognito: A Reintroduction

By Aisling MacRunnels | August 8, 2022

Welcome to the new CyCognito brand experience, and much more importantly, welcome to a revolution in cybersecurity.

So, why a rebrand? Over the past few years, as our organization and platform continued to evolve in unprecedented ways, we determined that our existing brand identity was no longer an accurate reflection of who we are. We also have seen the external attack surface management space mature past just asset discovery and basic risk identification. EASM is now the basis for effective external risk management. 

From a design and messaging standpoint our existing brand experience did not capture the unique value and perspective that our platform and people bring to this industry. We wanted to change that. 

We wanted a brand experience that defined who we are today. An experience that was simple, yet unapologetically bold. Friendly, but sophisticated. Unique, but intuitive. CyCognito’s new brand identity is the start of that experience. Our new brand will roll out over the next several months. You will first notice a new logomark, along with an updated visual look and feel which will ultimately seamlessly align across all of our varying touch points, starting with our social posts and this blog. From confident typography to brighter colors to signature shapes oriented around the concept of a security gap, our new brand is a better reflection of who we are, what we do, and the value we deliver to our customers. We’ll talk about those details in a future post. 

But the single most important thing to understand and recognize about our new brand experience today is our singular defining idea—Rule Your Risk™

Rule Your Risk™. Three syllables. Three words. Unlimited impact. 

Rule Your Risk™ is our vow to the industry. An industry battered by relentless attacks. False hopes. Broken promises. An industry overwhelmed by complicated logistics and plagued by expert staff shortages. Rule Your Risk™ is more than a tagline. It’s a bold and empowering declaration of the future we envision at CyCognito, and we believe we have the platform to finally make effective external risk management a reality. 

​​Today, companies invest millions of dollars to be more secure, but often still have unknown or misunderstood risks across their internet-exposed perimeter. We saw the contrast between what defenders were doing and how attackers actually worked. 

We saw an industry set up by IT people who knew networks in and out, but didn’t understand the attacker mindset. We saw billions of dollars being poured into ineffective solutions. And despite failure after failure after failure, we saw an industry struggling to get ahead of this situation for over two decades.

We entered this arena because we wanted to address that gap. 

We believed we could solve this problem. That we could automate the attacker reconnaissance process and this would be an extraordinarily powerful and helpful thing to do.

And we believe that journey begins by focusing on what attackers think, see, and do. When that is done effectively, we believe most breaches can be prevented in an operationally effective and financially efficient way. 

And so, with the most cohesive and collaborative culture in technology, we’re unified by a singular mindset: That in the end, no matter the attack form it takes, cyber risk is business risk. From billions in losses to destroyed reputations to shuttered business, the damage inflicted is incalculable.

We are solving that.

We are on a mission to revolutionize the way organizations see, manage and own risk. We are CyCognito. And we will empower you to Rule Your Risk™.

(Visit us at Black Hat 2022 on the show floor, Booth #940. Or signup for one of our events at Delano Las Vegas.)  



About Aisling MacRunnels

Aisling MacRunnels is CyCognito’s Chief Growth & Strategy Officer. Aisling has over 30 years of experience in building early stage and mature businesses in tech and cybersecurity. Aisling's focus is always on creating a compelling journey for customers, partners, investors and employees. She is a founding member of Synack where she worked as Chief Business & Growth Officer, Sun Microsystems as CMO and is a current advisory board member of Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.


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