Everything You Need to Know About the CyCognito Lounge at RSAC 2022

By Laura Givens | May 26, 2022

We are so happy to be able to see so many of our colleagues in person at the upcoming RSA conference in San Francisco this June. Along with attending the event, we will be hosting the CyCognito Lounge at RSAC 2022 on June 7-8 and would love to see you there. Whether you come for the informative sessions, the food and drink, the swag bags, or just to take advantage of a relaxing venue away from the hustle and bustle of the show—we invite you to join us

Here’s everything you need to know about the CyCognito Lounge. The location, map and directions; weather; what to bring; info on the sessions; bios on the speakers, and details of the CyCognito scavenger hunt (the gamified version of our solution). 

Location: The Veranda - 772 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

Map & Directions:

Weather: Since The Veranda is an indoor/outdoor venue, weather will not affect our ability to meet. So come rain or shine!

Why should attendees visit us at The Veranda?

We are all overdue to hang out and catch up. Mi Casa, Su Casa. We have created a relaxed space where you can just hang out, enjoy delicious food or top shelf drinks, grab a table to host a meeting or just hang with friends, play a little, win some prizes or test drive CyCognito’s leading EASM product. RSVP to save your spot today!  


Tuesday Tacos & Margaritas 

6/7/2022 Noon
Managing External Attack Risk
Speakers: David Reilly, former CIO Bank Of America | Renee Guttmann, Former CISO Royal Caribbean, Campbells, Coca-Cola | Steve Pugh, CISO ICE, Former CISO at the White House Military Office

Enjoy tacos and margaritas while hearing from a former and existing CIO, CISO and Board Members about how Boards learn about cyber risk. We will explore common questions asked of CISO's such as: Do we understand who would target us and how we might be attacked? Do we test our controls and how effective are they? How do we prioritize investments and resources? 

When the Board asks about our third parties and supply chain risk - How did/do we respond to the Board? How would you respond differently if you could now? What failed, what worked?

Bourbon & Bacon Tasting

6/7/2022 3pm
Review State of External Attack Surface Management 2022 report
Speaker: Ansh Patnaik, Chief Product Officer
Sponsored by: SimSpace

It's five o'clock somewhere! Join CyCognito and SimSpace for a bourbon and bacon tasting while listening to CyCognito's Chief Product Officer, Ansh Patnaik, present the State of External Attack Surface Management 2022 Report. This report incorporates data from discovering, mapping, testing, and analyzing our enterprise customer’s attack surfaces spanning millions of assets.

Cigars & Bourbon Giveaway

6/8/2022 3:15pm
Quantifying Your Risk
Speaker: John Sapp, CISO, Texas Mutual

Attend this session, pick up a freshly rolled cigar, and enter to win a custom bottle of single barrel bourbon, made exclusively for CyCognito.

John Sapp will discuss how CISOs today deal with a mess of competing priorities trying to manage compliance, CVSS scores, and outdated security metrics. What we really need is to be able to quantify the greatest security risks to our business so we can set our priorities and focus our resources effectively. Join me for a CISO level discussion on how to do just that.

Happy Hour & Book Signing with Phillip Wylie

6/8/2022 4pm
Building Effective Attack Surface Management Programs
Speaker: Phillip Wylie, Offensive Security Evangelist, and Author
Sponsored by: ThreatConnect

Join CyCognito and ThreatConnect for Happy Hour at the CyCognito Lounge! Enjoy top shelf drinks and appetizers while listening to Phillip Wylie, Offensive Security Evangelist, and Author, discuss how to build effective attack surface management programs. As an added bonus, the first 15 people to attend this session will receive a free signed copy of Phillip's book, The Pentester BluePrint: Starting a Career as an Ethical Hacker
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David Reilly is a recognized and proven leader with extensive experience driving digital adoption and transformation at global scale for the world's top financial institutions.

With more than 25 years of experience, David has worked across the technology spectrum with some of the largest global financial institutions including leadership positions at Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, and Merrill Lynch.

Renee Guttmann is one of the transformational women in the cybersecurity and privacy industry. She has delivered world-class global information security programs for Coca-Cola, Time Warner, Royal Caribbean, Campbells and CapitalOne. She helped establish the office of the CISO services for Optiv. She is recognized as a savvy early adopter/implementer of emerging technology solutions. Renee is advising startups with defining their products and services, and go-to-market strategies. On the community front, she partners with other CISOs on cybersecurity training and mentorship. She has been active as a Board Member and Advisor in a large children's mental health facility for almost a decade. Renee is also the recipient of numerous industry awards including CSO Hall of Fame.

Steve Pugh is the CISO of ICE and former CISO at the White House Military Office. Throughout his career, he has worked in information security across a wide range of industries, including the White House Communications Agency, Ionic Security, and Twilio.

Ansh Patnaik is the Chief Product Officer for CyCognito. He has over 20 years of cross functional experience in cybersecurity and data analytics. Most recently, Ansh was Director, Cloud Security Products for Google Cloud Platform, and Chief Product Officer for Chronicle, prior to the acquisition of Chronicle by Google. Previously, he was VP of Product Management at Oracle Cloud where he defined and launched their security analytics cloud service offering. Ansh has held product management, product marketing and sales engineering leadership roles at several market leading software companies including Delphix, ArcSight (acquired by HP), and BindView (acquired by Symantec).

John Sapp is a visionary, thought leader and strategic global Information Security executive, who is well versed in Cyber Security Strategy, Risk and Compliance. His experience in Data Privacy and Sensitive Data Protection Strategy have earned him numerous awards that include the 2013 Celebrated Information Security Executive – Central Region. 

His industry experience includes Healthcare, Financial Services (Insurance and Banking), Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Management Consulting. His knowledge ranges across key areas of IT that include Software and System Development, Information Security, Governance, Risk Management and Business Continuity Management. John has worked at many highly-regarded organizations throughout his 30+ year career such as McKesson, Oracle, Bank of America, and Texas Mutual Insurance.

Phillip Wylie is a cybersecurity professional and offensive security SME with over 18 years of experience, over half of his career in offensive security. During his offensive security career, he has worked in consulting and as an internal pentesting resource for companies in the financial and consumer product industries. Phillip's offensive security includes penetration testing, application pentesting, and red teaming. He enjoys mentoring and educating others about pentesting during workshops at conferences and other events. His offensive security educator roles include community college adjunct instructor and curriculum and content creation. Phillip co-authored the book, “The Pentester Blueprint: Starting a Career as an Ethical Hacker” based on his conference talk on starting a career as a pentester and was featured in the “Tribe of Hackers: Red Team”. He is also a podcaster and the host of “The Hacker Factory Podcast”.


Remember scavenger hunts when you were a kid? Do you like escape rooms where you solve puzzles and score points based on your ability? Ever play in a cyber capture the flag (CTF) event? Do you wonder how easy it might be to measure, communicate, and mitigate risks in your attack surface? 

When you join us at the CyCognito Lounge, you can experience the CyCognito platform as a gamified, fun, interactive experience where you can score points and win prizes by:

  • Using Automated Asset Discovery and Attribution to gain complete visibility
  • Utilizing Automated Security Testing to Measure Risks
  • Applying Threat Intelligence to External Attack Surface Management
  • Communicating Risks with Actionable Evidence
  • Lowering Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) with Workflows

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