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Observations on Ransomware and the Recent Pitney Bowes Attack

Raphael Reich | October 18, 2019

The news regarding the Pitney Bowes ransomware attack splashed across the headlines this week. As with any cyberattack, a number of experts have been speculating and commenting on the likely attack vectors, preventative measures that may have been missed and the implications. CyCognito experts weighed in as well when contacted to share their thoughts. Here are a few of our mentions in the press. 

Pitney Bowes Hit with Ransomware Attack

Article Available on ThreatPost >>

“Ransomware provides an easy income for cybercriminals targeting successful corporations,
which are typically taken completely by surprise when they learn just how many
unsecured IT assets their ecosystem partners and subsidiaries have, and what an easy
target for exfiltration and ransomware those assets present.”

~Raphael Reich
CyCognito, Vice President of Product Marketing


Expert’s Insight on Pitney Bowes Ransomware Attack
Article Available on Security Buzz >>

“While it's not yet clear what the source of the Pitney Bowes incident was, organizations
focused on digital transformation find themselves open to these attacks because
exposed of pathways in their IT ecosystem of which they are typically unaware...
These shadow assets and attack vectors create shadow risk, which arises when
organizations have not fully mapped their attack surface.”

~Raphael Reich
CyCognito, Vice President of Product Marketing


Shine a Light on Your Security Blind Spots


Attack Surface Visibility: The Foundation of Effective Cybersecurity

Vice President of Marketing
Raphael Reich

Raphael Reich, Vice President of Marketing, has helped bring innovative, category-defining security products to market for over two decades.

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