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Risky Business: Enterprises Can’t Shake Log4j

By Tom Spring, Media Manager | August 9, 2022
INTRODUCTION In December 2021 security teams scrambled to find Log4j-vulnerable assets and patch them. Eight months later many Global 2000...
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Two CyCognito Log4j2 Testing Modules

By Jim Wachhaus | December 21, 2021
We here at CyCognito have been talking about the importance of visibility, specifically external visibility into your attack surface and...
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Set Up Your Log4J Response Plan

By Jim Wachhaus | December 17, 2021
There is no “one size fits all” solution to the Apache Log4j issues yet, so at CyCognito we have implemented two CyCognito testing modules...
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Apache Log4j | Are you vulnerable?

By Jim Wachhaus | December 12, 2021
Official message about Log4j impact on the CyCognito Platform. There is no direct impact of the Log4j vulnerability to the CyCognito...
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