Effective Cybersecurity and
Risk Management Starts Here

Welcome to the Shadow Risk Revolution.

CyCognito empowers companies like yours to take full control of their attack surface by uncovering, prioritizing and eliminating the critical security risks you didn't even know existed. 

Without input or configuration, our platform performs the reconnaissance process attackers use, automatically, continuously and at internet-scale, applying advanced analytics to eliminate your shadow risk -- your security unknown unknowns -- whether in on-premises, cloud, partner or subsidiary environments.


What Drives Ustab-1

In today's hyperconnected world, nearly every organization's IT ecosystem includes assets the organization doesn't manage, or may not even know exist. These blind spots often harbor weaknesses because legacy risk assessment solutions, like vulnerability scanners and penetration testing, are not up to the task.

Attackers understand this and use it to their advantage: organizations have many blind spots, and attackers need to find just a single critical weakness to compromise an entire organization.

How can security teams eliminate all of these risks when their legacy security solutions can't find them all?

The CyCognito platform applies offensive security expertise and a keen understanding of hacker techniques to help organizations uncover and eliminate their shadow risk before attackers have a chance to exploit any gaps.



We believe all organizations should be able to protect themselves from even the most sophisticated attackers. That's why we created the first ever Shadow Risk Elimination platform, putting internet-scale cyber reconnaissance techniques into the hands of every organization. When your organization’s risks are no longer in the shadows, your company can achieve a level of cyber resilience that allows it to operate more confidently, safely and freely.


The Team

CyCognito was started in 2017 by Rob Gurzeev, CEO and Co-Founder, and Dima Potekhin, CTO and Co-Founder. Rob is an experienced offensive security solutions architect for the private sector and intelligence agencies. Dima is an expert in mass-scale data analysis and offensive security and holds four patents. To help execute on the company mission and bring the product to market, Rob and Dima partnered with winning investors and hired industry veterans, whose expertise is broad and deep. The team includes experts in product development, large-scale data analysis, product management, legacy security solution approaches, growth and product marketing, visual design and customer success.


Founder's Message

"Attackers always look for an organization's path of least resistance. Most often this is through unknown or unmanaged assets, because legacy tools completely miss them. Our journey began with a question: What if we could simulate an attacker's reconnaissance plan, starting only with a target company’s name? That's how Shadow Risk Elimination was born — to empower companies to take charge of what would otherwise be exploited by attackers."