External attack surface management is advancing cyber security into a new era. Learn how security experts across all industries benefit from using CyCognito’s platform.


“CyCognito provides our company with cutting-edge technology enabling my team to have global visibility into our web-facing assets in an easy-to-use interface.”

Alex Schuchman
Chief Information Security Officer
Colgate-Palmolive Company


“I can’t point to another tool that does as thorough a job of exploring and exposing those assets that you didn’t even know you had. It’s so valuable.”

Kevin Kealy
Chief Information Security Officer
Scientific Games


“Allows us to see all of our vulnerabilities across our entire attack surface. You can find out things that nobody in the company may have known.”

Darrell Jones
Chief Information Security Officer
Ares Management CorporationKaiser Permanente

Customer Reviews


“Great vendor to add to your security stack! Top quality technology stack which allows my company to view in real-time what's happening around the world with our attack surface. Prior to CyCognito we never had visibility like this, even though we use other scanning solutions."


"I take attack surface management very seriously and utilize multiple tools. By a wide margin CyCognito identifies assets that the other tools miss."

Jeff Farinich, SVP Technology Services

Chief Information Security Officer

New American Funding


“CyCognito Platform provided the best support. CyCognito Platform has helped us keep our data secure and protected. We can be sure that our data will not fall into the wrong hands."


“Our results with the CyCognito platform are really great. It helps us better understand our risk profile. It also fosters communications and trust across the entire security team, both corporate and subsidiary operations.”

Chief Information Security Officer

Digital Publishing Conglomerate

“The CyCognito platform applies automated technology to solve problems that people, legacy tools and processes alone aren’t solving.”

Chief Information Security Officer

Publicly Traded Global Investment Management Firm


CyCognito became a cornerstone of our security setup by solving multiple pain points with automatic detection of assets, continuous analyzing for vulnerabilities and by providing an easy-to-use and comprehensive platform to manage these issues.

Stefan Romberg, Global CISO, Berlitz

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CyCognito is solving one of the most fundamental business problems in cybersecurity: the need to understand how attackers view your organization, where they are most likely to break in, and how you can efficiently analyze, monitor, and eliminate that risk.

Discovery as a Foundation of Vulnerability Management

The CyCognito platform gives you a more accurate view of your most critical vulnerabilities because the foundation of its advanced reconnaissance and analysis is a broad, accurate view of your attack surface. By illuminating the blind spots in your attack surface, you are able to fully assess your risk.

In a digitally transformed world, a vulnerability management process must start by identifying risks across your entire IT ecosystem — all of your attacker-exposed assets — whether on-premises, in the cloud, in your subsidiaries or in partner environments. That’s a critical, foundational step and one that legacy vulnerability management solutions don’t address. While it may be a well established and familiar practice to use legacy vulnerability assessment tools that you aim at known IP address ranges, that process does not allow you to see the assets (and associated risks) hidden in the shadows.

Organizations using the CyCognito platform report that it discovers a large number of assets that were previously unknown to them; many organizations see 30% more assets, and in some cases more than 100% more, even identifying past acquisitions and business units that had been long forgotten. Identifying these hidden assets is a foundational step in vulnerability management, because attackers know that assets that exist in the shadows harbor opportunities for them and therefore they seek them out and target them first.

The CyCognito platform discovery goes far beyond an active IP list that most attack surface management and vulnerability solutions address; it includes active and inactive IPs, abandoned assets, domains, subdomains, certificates and web applications. It uncovers hidden assets by deploying one of the largest bot networks in the world. Using attacker-like reconnaissance techniques, it discovers, fingerprints, scans and tests billions of digital assets all over the world. These discovery capabilities go far beyond the known or easily discovered IP ranges of typical ASM tools. CyCognito discovers and contextualizes unknown, unmanaged, and cloud-based assets operated or leased by your organization in subsidiaries, third-parties, and abandoned environments that present shadow risk for you.

The risk assessment of the CyCognito platform also goes broader and deeper than typical ASM capabilities that use port scanning and banner grabbing techniques that generate many false positives. And the CyCognito platform uniquely uses intelligent, iterative analysis to automatically classify and organize 84% of your attack surface assets by their business context and relationship to your organization whereas ASM tools require tedious and time-consuming manual assignment of assets to organizations.


vulnerability assessment - attack surface management
The CyCognito platform assesses your vulnerabilities in the context of your entire attack surface, including cloud, subsidiary and third-party environments.


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Full attack surface discovery is the foundation of the CyCognito platform approach to vulnerability management.



Learn how the CyCognito platform delivers effective risk management, including vulnerability management, across your entire IT ecosystem.







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