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Effective Cybersecurity and Risk Management Starts Here

Below are highlights from CyCognito data sheet. 1912COVER-data-sheet-CyCognito
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Identify and Eliminate Shadow Risk

Attackers often find your security blind spots – your shadow risk – by targeting the IT assets connected to your organization that you don’t know about or manage: assets in partner, cloud and subsidiary environments. Your shadow risk goes undiscovered by the legacy security risk assessment solutions you use (e.g. vulnerability scanners) because they were designed for the IT environments of twenty years ago, not the IT ecosystem at the heart of your business today.

The CyCognito platform takes a radical new approach to security risk assessment and how you manage your cybersecurity programs. Instead of relying on configuration to define target assets, it operates autonomously, with no deployment required, to discover, enumerate, prioritize and help you eliminate your organization’s shadow risk.

CyCognito Platform Differentiators

The platform uses nation-state-scale reconnaissance and offensive security techniques to prevent data breaches and close the gaps left by legacy security solutions such as port scanners, vulnerability scanners, and penetration testing. CyCognito platform differentiators include:

Cloud-Based Efficiency
No Deployment. No Configuration. No Overhead. 100% External.

Global Asset Discovery
Discovers not only managed assets, but also unknown and unmanaged assets, cloud-based assets, third-party components and abandoned environments.

Information Visualization
Organizes assets using a graph data model that reflects how assets in your IT ecosystem are connected to one another, their business purpose, who owns
them, their attack vectors and more

Deep Risk Analysis
Detects data exposures, authentication and encryption weaknesses, misconfigured applications, network architecture flaws, and phishing threats and other risks in addition to common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs)

Critical Risk Prioritization
Dramatically increases operational efficiency with an innovative risk scoring system based on an attacker’s priorities, including discoverability, exploitation complexity, attractiveness and potential impact


Core Capabilities

CyCognito prevents data breaches by discovering attack vectors and shadow risk – those security blind spots that vulnerability scanners neglect and attackers find, including the following:

Unknown and Abandoned Asset Risks
Risks in previously unknown and unmanaged assets, such as marketing and development environments, acquired businesses, and related assets

Authentication Risks
Cloud-based servers with misconfigured and insecure authentication mechanisms

Encryption Risks
Weak and misconfigured encryption protocols and ciphers

Phishing Risks
Phishing waterhole operations, domain takeovers, DNS hijacking, and other risks

Code Injection Risks
Insecure code and vulnerable software components that enable attackers to take full control of assets


Continuously identify the critical weaknesses in your IT ecosystem
that are most attractive to attackers


Prioritize your remediation efforts to massively increase
your security team effectiveness

Get actionable remediation guidance

The CyCognito platform automates processes that are at the core of discovering and eliminating shadow risk using these innovative technologies:


Global Bot Network
Leverages a 60,000+ bot network that enumerates exposed assets by continuously scanning, discovering and fingerprinting billions of digital assets all over the world, with no input or configuration


Discovery Engine
Maps your organization’s full attack surface in your extended IT ecosystem including cloud (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), partner, and subsidiary environments in addition to on-premises


Attack Simulator
Enumerates risks per asset and discovers potential attack vectors


Risk Prioritization & Remediation
Scores and ranks each risk to focus security teams on the highest operational priorities

How Customers Use the CyCognito Platform

Industry-leading organizations are using the CyCognito platform to identify and eliminate their shadow risk through:

Attack Surface Asset Management
Identify attacker-exposed assets in your IT ecosystem for a complete view of your attack surface. Most organizations identify 30 to 300% more assets than they knew existed prior to using the CyCognito platform.

Risk-based Vulnerability Management
Maintain an updated, prioritized view of your attacker-exposed IT ecosystem and pinpoint critical exposures just as attackers do so you can focus remediation efforts on the areas of greatest risk.

IT Ecosystem Risk Monitoring
Discover and prioritize security risks introduced by your subsidiaries, partners, M&A candidates and cloud services. Risks are graded to help you identify which parts of your IT ecosystem leave your organization most exposed.



Our botnet and discovery engine use graph data modeling to map and classify assets across your attack surface.

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