attack surface management

The Guide to Attack Surface Protection

Protect Your Complex IT Ecosystem and Prevent Breaches

Cover-ASProtection-ebookAttack Surface Protection (ASP) is a systematic, four-phase approach that works by discovering your entire internet-exposed IT ecosystem, testing it for attack vectors, prioritizing those risks, and then facilitating an orchestrated remediation workflow. Stop malicious actors in their tracks by finding and securing your most at-risk assets. 

Download this eBook for everything you need to know about how to discover, assess, prioritize and remediate attack surface risks so you can keep your organization secure.

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Your attack surface is everything that connects your expanding IT ecosystem to the internet – and the attackers who live there. Everything from business applications and servers to cloud environments and IoT devices, all provide attackers with the potential entry points they need to get in and wreak havoc.

This eBook defines the four-step approach you need to take to protect your attack surface:

  • Discover your attack surface: Discover the tens or hundreds of thousands of exposed assets that make up your external attack surface.
  • Assess your risk: Regularly test 100% of your internet-exposed assets to understand your true risk. 
  • Prioritize your response: Score risks based on business context, risk impact and the ease of exploitation to help you determine what to fix first. 
  • Remediate high-priority risks: Not only do you need to quickly close security gaps before they are exploited, but you have to continuously validate remediation to ensure success. 

By using tools that automate the reconnaissance processes that attackers use, you can view your attack surface as they would. Evaluating your attack surface the same way an attacker would, you can understand your most critical risks to better protect your organization.