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Upcoming Activities

Attack Surface Monitoring: A Security Must

May 26 | 10 AM ET | 7 AM PT

For any financial organization looking to protect its attacker-exposed assets and reputation, automatic and continuous attack surface monitoring has become mandatory. Topics discussed include:

  • Why understanding the breadth of your extended attack surface is foundational to a sound security program
  • How the cybercrime industry gives the advantage to attackers
  • Best practices for incorporating continuous attack surface monitoring in to your workflows

Discover and Secure All of Your Attack Surface

June 18 | 10AM ET | 7AM PT

Rob Gurzeev, CEO of CyCognito joins Tim Phillips to explain how CISOs can:

  • Discover and map their entire attack surface, including subsidiaries and partner IT
  • Find the hidden “shadow risks” that smart hackers exploit
  • Link attack vectors to business context to prioritise the most important actions
  • Manage the organization’s security posture by thinking like an attacker

How to Discover, Manage, and Secure your Attack Surface

Join Cycognito's CEO and Co-Founder along with other leading security executives on how to map their attack surface and start gaining visibility into your threat landscape. 

Speaker Lineup:

  • Rob Gurzeev - CEO and Co-Founder of Cycognito
  • Matthew Valites - Threat Research Manager at CISCO
  • Patty Ryan - Sr. Director, Chief Information Security Officer at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

The goal with this session is to build a conceptual map of an attack surface and the challenges that surround managing it. We will have a visual note taker present key talking points. Live polling will also be possible so that the speaker/s can get real-time insights from the audience.

Cyber Attackers Have an Inherent Advantage: How Do We Change That?

April 30 | 2PM ET | 11AM PT

Watch the on-demand webinar with TEN's  President and CEO, Marci McCarthy with panelists Rob Gurzeev, CEO and Co-Founder of Cycognito, DLL Group CISO, Laura Whitt-Winyard, and Joey Johnson, CISO for Premise Health, from our live webinar on April 30th as we discussed cybersecurity strategies.

Learn how to turn the tables on our adversaries as well as regain visibility into our organization’s IT ecosystem, allowing us to locate and mitigate our most dangerous risks before they can be exploited.

Attackers Don’t Play by the Rules but There is a Playbook for Defeating Them

When attackers explore your attack surface, they are both business-like and serendipitous. They are seeking the easy, “off the beaten” path entry points to get where they want to go. If your security team takes a “planned itinerary with designated stops” approach to surveying and protecting your attack surface, your security team and the attacker may never cross paths. But there are ways to anticipate their seemingly random routes.

Tune into this webinar to learn why:

- Attackers are most likely to be surveying the areas of your attack surface where you don’t think to look
- Every security team should be blocking the paths of least resistance in their attack surface
- Your attack surface management approach must be both automated and continuous