IT Security Risk Considerations for Mergers and Acquisitions

Best practices for exposing security blind spots – your shadow risk.

GUIDE: Best Practices for Evaluating Merger and Acquisition IT Risk

In mergers and acquisitions, the target company’s cybersecurity posture (and all of the security skeletons in their closet) become yours. So it’s key to get a comprehensive view when performing due diligence, and examine their entire attack surface, as well as any security risks that are part of it.

COVER-mergers-acquisitionsThis solution guide will walk through the key issues to consider when evaluating IT security risk during your M&A due diligence process. Some highlights include:

  • Why attack surface visibility and hidden risk discovery are key

  • How critical insights come from knowing the business context of IT assets 

  • Whether tools like security ratings services adequately measure M&A risk