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Evaluate Your Vulnerability Management Solution

Key Reasons to Ditch Your Cumbersome VM Tools

In a short demo video see how the CyCognito platform uses nation-state-scale reconnaissance and offensive security techniques to close the gaps left by other security solutions including attack surface management products, vulnerability scanners, penetration testing, and security ratings services.

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See How to Improve your VA program. Watch this 8-minute demo to see how we do it.

Your extended IT ecosystem demands vulnerability management that sees what's going on with IT partner assets and other assets you don't even own, just as much as the assets you do own.

It's simple: attackers want easy access to your company data – so they exploit whatever weaknesses will get them there the fastest. And when they do, everyone loses – but you take all the heat.


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Key Reasons Why You Cannot Rely Legacy Vulnerability Management:

  • YOU are ultimately responsible for any breach of your data, no matter where the data is located
  • Your attack surface contains assets that are unknown to you, but visible to attackers
  • Legacy security assessment tools are perilously outdated and painful to use
  • There is a large gap between what you're protecting and what attackers see when "casing" your business for shadow risk – your exploitable weaknesses

Identify and Eliminate Shadow Risk

Attackers often find your security blind spots – your shadow risk – by targeting the IT assets connected to your organization that you don’t know about or manage: assets in partner, cloud and subsidiary environments.

Your shadow risk goes undiscovered by the legacy security risk assessment solutions you use (e.g. vulnerability scanners) because they were designed for the IT environments of twenty years ago, not the IT ecosystem at the heart of your business today. The same is true of attack surface discovery tools like those from RiskIQ and Expanse, which are simply port scanners working within defined or easily discovered IP ranges. 

Elimination of shadow risk by illuminating critical blind spots in your attack surface is a goal and an outcome of using the CyCognito platform. The CyCognito platform helps your team discover and understand more about your attack surface, and not just discover open ports.




CyCognito platform also filters out the noise resulting from the use of vulnerability scanners which surface an endless stream of potential vulnerabilities that may be rated as “high” or “critical” using the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), but do not rise to a priority level for your organization. Attack vectors identified by the CyCognito platform go beyond known vulnerabilities and isolated CVSS scores and are specific to your organization’s attacker-exposed assets and their business relevance.