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Cyber Insurance

Attack Surface Management for Cyber Insurance

Reducing Risk in Your Largest Policies


The Cyber Insurance Challenge

Attackers are targeting and successfully breaching your client’s networks and gaining access to sensitive data. Your portfolio risk and loss ratios are growing quickly. Your current methods of measuring that are not sufficient.

The sophisticated security teams in your largest policyholders understand how to protect assets they know about. The unknown and unmanaged assets are how the attackers are getting through.

Shadow IT, unmanaged cloud resources, faster software release cycles, M&A from years ago, new employees. Things change and things get lost at these large clients.

Your underwriters do their best using the tools they have, and the prospects and policyholders try to provide as much information as they can, but legacy solutions are simply not sufficient.

Raising premiums won’t solve the underlying problem. You and your clients need a better way of understanding attack surface risk in today’s dynamic cybersecurity climate.

CyCognito is here to help.

CyCognito discovered, and now protects, over 100,000 assets and cloud services at one of the world's largest hospitality companies that the leading Security Ratings Services missed.

With its comprehensive visibility of the entire global internet, the CyCognito platform discovers, attributes, and classifies all known, unknown, and unmanaged internet-exposed assets associated with an organization – including those in cloud, partner, and subsidiary environments – that are critical to cybersecurity risk management in every company.

CyCognito can uncover these unknown assets during your underwriting process providing insurers need data-driven solutions that provide insight into the true cybersecurity performance and risk of applicants and policyholders, so they don’t get breached and you don’t pay unnecessary claims.

Beyond discovery, the CyCognito platform then automatically classifies and organizes the attack surface assets of a prospect or policyholder by their business context and relationship to the organization. We show underwriters which assets truly matter, hold sensitive data, and present risk. 

Finally, with no configuration required, the CyCognito platform begins actively testing the entire attacker-exposed IT ecosystem for attack vectors that could provide malicious actors entry into the most critical corporate assets of your prospects and policyholders.

Additionally, insurers can continuously monitor the insured client’s security performance throughout the coverage period to understand risk and alert the insured when potential threats or unusual activity are detected.

More Accurate Underwriting

CyCognito’s advanced discovery process reveals the entire attack surface

Underwriting your largest policies is complex. The CyCognito platform automatically discovers, prioritizes, and classifies previously unknown assets and cloud services (unknown unknowns) with business context all from outside with no input or configuration.

You need to uncover these currently unknown risks with your prospects and policyholders to effectively underwrite these policies and effectively prevent breaches.

CyCognito shines light in the dark corners where most breaches occur.

Reduced Loss Ratios

Continuous monitoring alerts to vulnerabilities and security gaps before a breach

Attackers are constantly evolving their attacks and tactics, and your policyholders are constantly adding to their attack surface, which creates new exposures to be exploited.

CyCognito continuously monitors the ever-changing attack surface, and we help you and your clients close and lock the doors before a loss event.

Provide Value-Added Services to Your Clients

Partner on new cybersecurity service offerings to your clients

CyCognito will partner with you to deliver cybersecurity offerings to your clients in a model that best suits your business. Let us help you evolve your practice and reduce breaches in your most valued policies.

The Platform to Rule Your Risk

The CyCognito platform preempts attacks and helps satisfy key elements of most common security frameworks and many regulatory compliance standards.

Learn more about the CyCognito and take the first step to Rule Your Risk.