CyCognito vs. RiskIQ
Reduce attack vectors, not your digital footprint.

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Digital transformation makes even seasoned security pros nervous because your digital footprint is constantly growing and your attack surface is constantly changing.

But, rather than worry about elements security teams cannot control – a growing digital footprint and changing attack surface – focus instead on your attack vectors. Attack vectors are the easy way in for attackers and the problem that security teams can control.


Here’s how CyCognito helps eliminate attack vectors...

Begin with an inventory

A comprehensive inventory of all of your internet-exposed assets is the foundation of any security program. The CyCognito platform reveals many security unknowns by utilizing our global botnet to discover all of your assets. In fact, our customers find from 30% to 300% more assets than they knew existed before trying our platform, that’s true even for those who thought they already had complete visibility.

Get a map of your attack surface

The CyCognito platform charts a map of your organization’s attack surface and develops an understanding of how assets connect to each other and your organization, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or are part of a partner or subsidiary’s environments. With the map, you get a clear view of every asset an attacker could reach — including the business context of what they are and how they relate to your business.

What is an attack surface?

What is an attack surface?
Your attack surface is the group of your attacker-exposed assets, known and unknown, wherever they are: in the cloud, in third-party environments, or in your subsidiaries.


Automatically inspect all of your assets

Once you know what makes up your attack surface, you need to understand what attack vectors are exposed. CyCognito automatically discovers what types of assets you have exposed and checks those assets for security gaps, such as exposed vulnerabilities, weak or default credentials, or misconfigurations. If there is something exploitable, we provide steps to fix it.

Follow our remediation guidance

Just finding out what’s exposed doesn’t help your security team and the deluge of alerts and projects they face every day. The CyCognito platform highlights high-risk, high-impact attack vectors and prescribes actions that should be taken to reduce that risk.

Watch your security posture improve

Digital footprint monitoring is important because your attack surface will always be changing. From day to day, and hour-to-hour. The CyCognito platform delivers easy-to-understand scores based on the attack vectors that impact the assets, entities, and business units that are part of your digital footprint, so you can see how your security posture has improved over time.

Comparison Chart

   Capabilities for Attack Surface Management Tools (ASM)
RiskIQ & Other ASM Vendors
   Scan the internet continuously to discover assets
   Fingerprint assets, identifying services, software, text, graphics, attributes, etc. X
   Automatically associate assets with your organization and subsidiaries X
   Determine the business context of assets X
   Identify attack vectors impacting your assets X
   Prioritize risk based on context and impact X
   Prescribe methods to remediate risks X
   Provide easy-to-understand scoring of security posture and change over time X


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