You don’t need us to tell you that the last year has seen some of the most devastating cybersecurity breaches on record: the front page of the news has done that already. However, we can help you understand the why behind each incident so you can learn from their mistakes and avoid the headaches, hassles, and headlines that come from a major breach.

Read now for key learnings from five major attacks so you can create a more secure future for your organization.


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Five Lessons for Security Leaders from the Past Year’s Breaches


Experience is the best teacher.

But when it comes to cyberattacks, it’s far better to learn from someone else’s experience than your own. We collected the stories behind some of the worst attacks in the past year to help you learn from their mistakes. Lessons include:

  • Knowing what IT assets you own and where they are across your supply chain to avoid a backdoor attack like the one that impacted SolarWinds
  • Protecting your remote access services to avoid a ransomware attack like the one that shut down Colonial Pipeline
  • Continuously monitor even your older assets avoid vulnerabilities like the ones that impacted companies using older Microsoft Exchange Servers
  • Utilizing a robust breach disclosure policy so you don’t seem like you’re downplaying things like Accellion 
  • Maintaining vigilance to avoid attacks on key systems like utilities in California and Florida

Each lesson will teach you the importance of protecting the entire attack surface across your equipment, remote access services, legacy systems, and supply chain. This will help you shore up your defenses and cybersecurity response so you can stay out of the headlines.