security testing and attack surface monitoring work hand in hand to validate an organization’s security controls and help mitigate cyber-risk.

Watch a demo video of the CyCognito platform

In less than 10-minutes, understand how an attack surface management platform
can help you identify, prioritize and eliminate your most critical security risks.

In this short product demo, you will see how the CyCognito platform improves your security and saves you money by:

  • Providing actionable insights about attacker-exposed assets
  • Exposing critical risks — with business context — even in cloud, partner and subsidiary environments
  • Providing prescriptive guidance on how to remediate risks

Starting with an “outside in” view of your entire evolving attack surface, it automatically identifies, classifies and organizes all assets, even those that are unknown and unmanaged by your IT and security teams. 

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Why is attack surface monitoring so critical? To paraphrase an old business adage, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

Attack surface monitoring helps organizations discover and monitor all the assets connected to their networks regardless of their location—in the DMZ, in public clouds, on third-party networks, etc.

By discovering and monitoring these assets, security professionals can then find the “path of least resistance” and vulnerabilities that hackers may use as a doorway to penetrate corporate networks and commence a cyber-attack. Armed with this intelligence, security teams can develop countermeasures, fine-tune security controls, and monitor signals that may indicate an attack in progress.

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Our research has shown us that over 2/3 of organizations report they experienced cyber-attacks that originated from an unknown, unmanaged, or poorly managed company asset (see chart below). More surprising – 75% say they believe it will happen again!