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Reduce Your Business Risk

The CyCognito platform delivers proactive vulnerability management (VM)  so you can eliminate the critical risks sophisticated attackers target first. Unlike legacy attack surface management (ASM) and VM solutions, it combines full discovery of your extended IT ecosystem and autonomous, active security testing of your externally-exposed attack surface. Using advanced attacker reconnaissance techniques, the platform discovers assets that are part of your IT ecosystem, but are unknown or unmanaged by you, and it identifies attackers' paths of least resistance into your environment so you can efficiently eliminate them.


Proactive Vulnerability Management: Key Capabilities


Focused On What Attackers Target

A 100% focus on what's externally exposed to attackers — intentionally or not — including cloud and affiliate organization environments, using reconnaissance and testing techniques that go far beyond traditional attack surface discovery and VM tools.


Automated Asset Discovery

Automated and comprehensive asset discovery, and attribution of assets to departments across your extended IT ecosystem including unknown and unmanaged assets.



100% SaaS solution with no installation/ deployment, no configuration, no authorization, no ongoing management of VA or VM infrastructure components — all critical for managing risks in subsidiaries, partners, and potential M&A targets.



Anonymous, undetected discovery and testing eliminates both configuration of allowlists and alerts from other security solutions in the testing path.


Next-Generation VM

Unlike legacy ASM solutions and their passive banner-based risk assessments, and legacy vulnerability assessment (VA) solutions that only consider active IPs and vulnerable software, the platform combines automated penetration testing techniques with next-generation VM and identifies issues with active and inactive IPs, domains, certificates and configurations.



Provides actionable guidance on what to remediate first using a risk prioritization engine that factors in business impact and exploitability.


Discovery as a Foundation

In a digitally transformed world, vulnerability management must include all of your attacker-exposed assets — whether on-premises, in the cloud, in your subsidiaries or in partner environments. That’s a critical, foundational step and one that legacy vulnerability management solutions don’t address.

The CyCognito platform gives you an accurate view of your most critical vulnerabilities because it first discovers your attack surface. The platform uncovers hidden assets by deploying one of the largest bot networks in the world to discover, fingerprint and test digital assets globally. Its discovery capabilities go far beyond the known or easily discovered IP ranges of typical ASM tools

The platform discovers and contextualizes unknown, unmanaged, and cloud-based assets operated or used by your organization in subsidiaries, third-parties, and abandoned environments that present shadow risk for you. The platform’s risk assessment also goes beyond legacy ASM capabilities that use port scanning and banner-grabbing techniques that generate many false positives. And unlike other ASM tools that require manual assignment of assets to organizations, the CyCognito platform uses intelligent, iterative analysis to automatically classify and organize 84% of your attack surface assets by their business context and relationship to your organization.

With no configuration required, the platform continuously scans your entire attacker-exposed IT ecosystem for attack vectors that could provide attackers entry to your most critical corporate assets. As a result of its broad discovery and automated testing, the CyCognito platform enables dramatically expanded vulnerability management coverage of your attack surface. The platform’s testing process does not affect business continuity and does not require creating an allowlist or any other integration.

The CyCognito platform identifies your entire attack surface and automatically organizes it with capabilities that go far beyond other ASM tools as shown in the chart below. This creates a strong foundation for your external vulnerability management requirements.


"Always On" Proactive Defense

The CyCognito platform continuously scans and automatically tests your entire attacker-exposed IT ecosystem to identify your critical risks. This vigilant, proactive and cost-effective defense has clear advantages over the traditional approach of point-in-time vulnerability assessment (VA) or penetration testing sparingly applied to a limited segment of your attack surface.

Detects Attack Vectors, Not Just CVEs

The CyCognito platform goes beyond the identification of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) that are the exclusive focus of traditional VA solutions. In addition to CVEs, it uncovers data exposures, misconfigurations and even software zero-day vulnerabilities so that you have a complete view of your attacker-exposed risk. These additional risk areas must be secured to outmaneuver attackers’ offensive operations. The platform identifies these attack vectors that legacy solutions miss:

inactive IPs network architecture flaws SaaS platforms takeover risks
insecure/exploitable code default credential vulnerabilities data exposures
abandoned asset vulnerabilities software vulnerabilities DNS and mail servers hijacking risks
bypassable authentication mechanisms web application vulnerabilities and many other attack vectors
misconfigured cloud components certificate trust vulnerabilities  


Example of a Non-CVE Attack Vector

Vulnerability Management_DataSheet_Figure1
Figure 1. As an example of an attack vector, the platform discovered an exposed, abandoned router whose user interface,
shown above, could allow attackers to execute commands remotely.

The CyCognito platform is purpose-built to help you stay ahead of contemporary cybersecurity risks.


CyCognito Platform Vulnerability Management - a Next Generation Approach

The CyCognito platform detects contemporary cybersecurity exposures that legacy solutions don’t address. See the chart below for the advantages that CyCognito Enterprise vulnerability management capabilities offer for your external vulnerability management requirements.
Vulnerability Management_DataSheet_Table


How the CyCognito Platform Works

The CyCognito platform automates processes that are at the core of discovering and eliminating the attackers’ paths of least resistance in your attack surface. It works without deployment or configuration and it does not disrupt business continuity.

Automatic Risk Prioritization

The CyCognito platform automatically identifies and prioritizes your organization’s most critical risks, making it easy for your security team to understand where they should focus first to eliminate them. Risk prioritization in the platform is based on the importance of the asset to your organization as well as how attractive, discoverable and exploitable it is by attackers. Automatic risk prioritization accelerates your vulnerability management processes by streamlining your team’s decision making.


Vulnerability Management_DataSheet_Figure2
Figure 2. The CyCognito platform assesses your vulnerabilities and other attack vectors in the context
of your entire internet-exposed attack surface, including cloud, subsidiary and third-party environments.


Accelerated Remediation, Efficient Validation

The CyCognito platform decreases the time it takes to remediate risks and validate fixes from months – on average – to days or even hours. For every issue that is identified, the CyCognito platform provides detailed and actionable remediation guidance so your security and operations teams can focus on remediation instead of research. This security intelligence automatically propagates to ticketing systems via out-of-the-box integrations that accelerate patching, remediation and mitigation efforts. Once issues have been addressed, the platform’s continuous testing and notification processes enable you to efficiently validate that your remediation efforts were successful. Validation of the scope of your remediation can be shared with your organization’s leadership team or for mandated reporting to document compliance with regulatory requirements.


Vulnerability Management_DataSheet_Figure3
Figure 3. The CyCognito platform automatically prioritizes your organization’s most critical risks,
so your security team knows what to focus on first


Analytics, Trends and Reporting

The analytics and trends features helps you extract key insights from your attack surface data and report on them. Dashboards within the CyCognito platform, customized for your organization’s needs, provide impactful, significant metrics that you can share with security leaders and C-level management. For example, the Issues dashboard visualizes the types of threats you are facing now and the status of threat investigations. These features can help you cut the time spent analyzing and reporting on your progress from hours to minutes.
Vulnerability Management_DataSheet_Figure4
Figure 4. The CyCognito platform helps you analyze overall trends in your
attack surface as well as trends per each asset group.


Vulnerability Management_DataSheet_Figure5

Figure 5. The Issues dashboard displays the issues in your attack surface by a number of parameters
including severity, status, investigation status, type of threat and the associated organizations.



See how we do it

The CyCognito platform uses nation-state-scale reconnaissance and offensive security techniques to close the gaps left by other security solutions including attack surface management products, vulnerability scanners, penetration testing, and security ratings services.

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