On-Demand Webinar: Get The Advantage Over Attackers with External Attack Surface Protection

Tired of spending hours with point solutions and manual processes just to figure out what your attack surface looks like? External attack surface management (EASM) is an emerging product category Gartner defined in March 2021 that promises to boost your attack surface visibility, security, and efficiency. Leading EASM solutions continuously discover, attribute, classify and test the security of all enterprise attacker-exposed IT assets, known and unknown, wherever they are on-premises, in the cloud, in third-party or partner environments, or in the networks of subsidiaries.


The CyCognito platform delivers attack surface protection by combining the market's most advanced EASM capabilities with automated, continuous multi-factor testing that discovers the paths of least resistance that attackers are most likely to use to compromise your organization, and validates that your remediation efforts have shut down those attack vectors.