Effective Cybersecurity and Risk
Management Starts Here

IT environments have become so vastly distributed that an organization’s attack surface now extends well-beyond the infrastructure they can effectively control. And that puts you in a precarious situation.

Hear CyCognito CEO, Rob Gurzeev, and special guest, Forrester Principal Analyst, Josh Zelonis, for a conversation on the growing need for attack surface visibility.

In this 48-minute recorded webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to best identify all of your digital assets, including those you may not even know about
  • How applying offensive-style reconnaissance sheds light on blind spots
  • Why prioritization is key to effective blind spot elimination
  • Leveraging internet-scale scanning and a graph data model
This webinar is hosted on BrightTALK. Click here to be taken to their landing page to watch the webinar >>