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Enable your security and operations teams to proactively identify, prioritize, and remediate exposures to stay ahead of attackers.

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The CyCognito platform helps you identify all of the attacker-exposed assets in your IT ecosystem for a complete view of your attack surface.

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External attack surface management is advancing cybersecurity into a new era. Learn how security experts across all industries benefit from using CyCognito’s platform.

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We believe all organizations should be able to protect themselves from even the most sophisticated attackers.

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The knowledge you need to manage and protect your attack surface.

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Dark Reading Research Report

Threat Intelligence and Vulnerability Data: Examine opportunities to reduce your risk.

In May 2022, Dark Reading surveyed 103 cybersecurity and IT professionals. The results are clear: monitoring your external attack surface should be a priority. Defenders of enterprise systems are using threat intelligence today to inform vulnerability prioritization, prevent data breaches, and reduce mean time to remediation (MTTR), but there’s still more to be done.

Download the report to learn more about how threat intelligence platforms can fall short and Exploit Intelligence can fill in the gaps.

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Remediate urgent external attack surface gaps.

Results from the newly released survey from Dark Reading and Cycognito show that security teams frequently combine threat intelligence and vulnerability assessment data to enhance their ability to focus on and remediate urgent attack surface gaps.

In this report, we have surveyed your peers to understand the nexus between threat intelligence and vulnerability assessment.

In our findings we identified:

  • 59% respondents say lack of staff leads to only a handful to none of their internet-exposed assets being tested
  • 63% respondents are using threat intelligence today for vulnerability prioritization to prevent data breaches and reduce mean time to remediation (MTTR)
  • 36% of security teams spend more than 40 hours a week deriving threat intelligence and vulnerability assessment data, and 1 in 10 spend more than 100 hours.

Threat intelligence is no longer enough.

Through CyCognito's Exploit Intelligence platform, we can provide you with tailored, tactical threat intelligence to empower you to Rule Your Risk.