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Rule Your Risk™

We are CyCognito, a revolutionary external attack surface management platform designed to help organizations identify and test their entire attack surface and reduce risk in profoundly effective ways.

Risk accumulates where you’re not looking,
but attackers are looking for these exact weak spots.

You may be curious to see a complete picture of your organization's external exposure, and more importantly, which of your most sensitive assets are easily exploitable by attackers. CyCognito helps many of the F100, among many other companies, solve this problem at scale and profoundly reduce their critical risk MTTR from months to days.

Self-Guided Product Tour

See it in action.

Experience CyCognito’s best-of-breed asset discovery and contextualization, dynamic security testing, and intelligence prioritization and remediation acceleration for yourself!

Give the CyCognito Platform a test-drive through our self-guided, interactive dashboard product tour.

Prior to CyCognito we never had visibility like this even though we use other scanning solutions."

— Gartner Peer Insights

We're trusted by the world's leading organizations.

2022 Forester Report

The Total Economic Impact™
 Of The CyCognito Platform

Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By External Attack Surface Management

Ready to Rule Your Risk?

Request a personalized walkthrough of the CyCognito platform to see how we can help your company identify all its assets exposed to the internet, focus on which are most vulnerable to attacks, and accelerate your time to remediating critical risks.

Awards & Recognition

The External Attack Surface Management Leader

Don’t take our word for it. The CyCognito platform continues to be recognized by leaders around the world.