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Enable your security and operations teams to proactively identify, prioritize, and remediate exposures to stay ahead of attackers.

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GigaOm Radar for Attack Surface Management

The expansion of an organization's attack surface continues to present a critical business challenge. Download the GigaOm Radar for Attack Surface Management to get an overview of the available ASM solutions, identify leading offerings, and evaluate the best solution for you.  

Use Cases

The CyCognito platform helps you identify all of the attacker-exposed assets in your IT ecosystem for a complete view of your attack surface.

State of External Exposure Management

Download CyCognito’s State of External Exposure Management Report to learn key recommendations that your Security teams can implement to improve their exposure management strategy and minimize risk. 

Our Customers

External attack surface management is advancing cybersecurity into a new era. Learn how security experts across all industries benefit from using CyCognito’s platform.

The Total Economic Impact™ of The CyCognito Platform

Read The Total Economic Impact™ of The CyCognito Platform — a Forrester study. Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By The CyCognito Platform. 

About CyCognito

We believe all organizations should be able to protect themselves from even the most sophisticated attackers.

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The knowledge you need to manage and protect your attack surface.

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Customer Videos

Hear from Global Security Leaders on how CyCognito has been a game-changer, enabling their organizations to manage risk more confidently and effectively.


Customer Testimonial (1:52 min)

"CyCognito is worth every cent we pay and it helps me sleep better because I know we’re checking our internet-facing assets on a regular basis.” —Benjamin Bachmann | Vice President, Group CISO | Ströer

Darrell Jones | Ares Management Corp | Kaiser Permanente

Customer Testimonial (2:08 min)

“Allows us to see all of our vulnerabilities across our entire attack surface. You can find out things that nobody in the company may have known.” — Darrell Jones | Chief Information Security Officer | Ares Management Corporation | Kaiser Permanente

Scientific Games

Customer Testimonial (2:02 min)

“I can’t point to another tool that does as thorough a job of exploring and exposing those assets that you didn’t even know you had. It’s so valuable." — Kevin Kealy | Chief Information Security Officer | Scientific Games

Colgate Palmolive Company

Customer Testimonial (2:07 min)

“CyCognito provides our company with cutting-edge technology enabling my team to have global visibility into our web-facing assets in an easy-to-use interface.” — Alex Schuchman | Chief Information Security Officer | Colgate-Palmolive Company

Why Colgate-Palmolive Chose CyCognito

Customer Spotlight: Colgate-Palmolive (1 min)

In a recent sit-down, the CISO of Colgate-Palmolive shared some of the reasons why he chose the CyCognito platform. In this 1-minute clip, Alex Schuchman explains how CyCognito opens your eyes to what’s in your own organization’s infrastructure and how it helps Colgate-Palmolive prioritize what to remediate.

High Fidelity Alerts Improve IT Operations

Customer Spotlight: Colgate-Palmolive (2:41 min)

Exposed risks on “unknown” and “unmanaged” assets pose unique challenges, especially when remediating these issues. In this 3-minute video, hear from the CISO of Colgate-Palmolive how the CyCognito platform has given his team both confidence in discovered risks and guidance for “who do I go contact so I can start working on this remediation.”

Staying Ahead of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Customer Spotlight: Colgate-Palmolive (1:21 min)

Did you know the average organization’s external attack surface fluctuates 9% every month? In this 1-minute video, the CISO of Colgate-Palmolive describes how continuous organization and asset discovery has helped him stay ahead of mergers and acquisitions, without the need to add seed data like IP ranges or CIDR blocks.

Accelerate Mean-Time-to-Remediation (MTTR)

Customer Spotlight: Colgate-Palmolive (1:28 min)

Security teams — burdened with long lists of issues from traditional vulnerability scanners — get buried sifting through which are true- vs. false-positives and more. In this 1-minute video, the CISO of Colgate-Palmolive shares how the CyCognito platform made it easy to digest information to help them get to resolution and drive down MTTR.

Address gaps proactively.

According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 83% of cyberattacks occur through external attack vectors.

The CyCognito platform reveals more of your external attack surface than you were aware of previously. Most customers see at least 30% more. Our platform also tests more of your attack surface than you did before, so you can eliminate the gaps that attackers target and protect your entire attack surface.

of cyberattacks occur
through external attack vectors