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Reduce Your Digital Risk Across Your Entire Attack Surface
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Reduce Your Business Risk

The CyCognito platform takes the attackers’ perspective to help you dramatically reduce your overall business risk. With no deployment required, it autonomously discovers and maps your organization’s entire attack surface and identifies the business context of assets. It then detects and prioritizes the critical points of exposure that attackers can most easily exploit — what CyCognito calls POLaR - the path of least resistance — and offers prescriptive remediation guidance, so your security team knows where to focus first and how to eliminate critical risks.


CyCognito Platform Differentiators


Global Asset Discovery

Attacker-like reconnaissance with one of the largest bot networks in the world discovers unknown, unmanaged and cloud-based assets as well as those you manage, third-party components and abandoned environments. Offers 3x the visibility of port scanners.


Business Context

A graph data model and intelligent, iterative analysis classify and organize assets by their business context and relationship to your organization.


Deep Risk Analysis

Detects data exposures, authentication and encryption weaknesses, misconfigured applications, network architecture flaws, phishing threats and other risks as well as common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs).


Critical Risk Prioritization

Dramatically increases your operational efficiency with an innovative risk scoring system based on an attacker’s priorities.


Information Visualization

Displays assets so that you can easily understand their purpose, who owns them, their attack vectors and more.

CyCognito is solving one of the most fundamental business problems in cybersecurity: the need to understand how attackers view your organization, where they are most likely to break in, and how you can eliminate that risk.

How the CyCognito Platform Works

The CyCognito platform automates processes that are at the core of discovering and eliminating the attackers’ paths of least resistance and helps to prevent data breaches. It works without deployment or configuration and it does not disrupt business continuity.


Global Bot Network

  • Continuously discovers and fingerprints billions of digital assets with our global bot network to identify your exposed assets all over the world.

  • Fingerprints every asset to capture identifying elements, including IP ranges, web applications, links, URL patterns, headers, banners, certificates, keyword and code fragments, logos, favicons, unique keywords, deployed software, TLS configuration, related domain names, encryption ciphers and many more.

  • Uses sophisticated attacker-reconnaissance techniques so it isn’t detected or blocked by firewalls, content delivery networks (CDNs) or other technologies.



2-Discovery-EngineDiscovery Engine

  • Analyzes and organizes all of the assets in your entire attack surface — what they are and how they relate to your business — whether on-premises or in cloud (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), technology partner or subsidiary environments.

  • Identifies and prioritizes each asset’s risks so that you can easily identify those that are most important to your business and most prone to compromise.



3-Attack-SimulatorMulti-Vector Attack Simulator

  • Enumerates issues per asset and detects and prioritizes potential attack vectors.

  • Finds exploitable issues on assets that provide access to data or other critical assets with issues in the network. These issues include context-based attack vectors, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and data exposures, and assets that are abandoned or shouldn’t be exposed to the internet.

  • Incorporates standard risk-detection techniques, including vulnerability assessment, encryption analysis, third-party feeds and databases, and more.

  • Leverages unique and proprietary risk-detection techniques, including authentication testing, software misconfiguration detection, network design analysis, data exposure detection, code injection risks and others.


5-ReportingReporting and Trend Analysis

  • Ability to analyze and report on critical data in your attack surface.

  • See and analyze trends for overall security maturity progress for your organization.

  • Analyze trends per asset group.




Risk Prioritization and Remediation

  • Cuts through the noise to reveal the most critical risks that need your immediate attention.

  • Grades risks based on discoverability, potential impact, attractiveness to attackers and exploitation complexity.

  • Provides detailed remediation advice for each identified risk, optimizing team productivity and reducing the window of exposure.

  • Enables security teams to automatically and continuously validate remediation.


The CyCognito platform uses nation-state-scale reconnaissance and offensive security techniques to close the gaps left by other security solutions including attack surface management products, vulnerability scanners, penetration testing, and security ratings services.

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Core Capabilities

The CyCognito platform helps you identify, prioritize and eliminate the most critical risks across your entire attack surface:

Network Security Risks

Weak and misconfigured encryption protocols and ciphers, login issues, man- in-the-middle attacks, exposed data

Application Security Risks

Insecure code and vulnerable software components that enable attackers to take full control of assets, default credentials, and misconfigurations

Reputation Risks

E-mail and phishing waterhole operations, domain takeovers, DNS hijacking, third- party hosting, acquired businesses and subsidiaries, certificates with broken or unreliable trust chains


CyCognito_2007 DataSheet_Figure1

Analyze and report on security posture, including trends,
to demonstrate you are managing cyber risk. You can see overall
trends as well as trends for asset groups.

Key Uses for the CyCognito Platform

Like industry-leading organizations around the globe, you can use the CyCognito platform to:

Digital Risk Management

Identify and manage your attacker-exposed assets with an understanding of their business context and risks.


Prioritize and Eliminate Attack Vectors

Pinpoint and prioritize cloud security risks just as attackers do so you can eliminate them.


Monitor Subsidiary Risk

Identify and prioritize subsidiary and business unit security risks so relevant teams can eliminate them.


Assess Security Effectiveness

Continuously assess, monitor and eliminate cybersecurity risk to measure and improve your security posture.


Evaluate M&A

Evaluate the potential security risks of your merger, acquisition or divestiture targets.

CyCognito_2007 Datasheet_Figure2

The CyCognito platform helps you identify and eliminate attackers’ paths of least resistance in your attack surface. It provides the evidence you need, including how risks were discovered, so you can confidently remediate or mitigate issues.



Our botnet and discovery engine use graph data modeling to map and classify assets across your attack surface.

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