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Threat and Vulnerability Data: Risk Reduction Opportunities Examined

Exploit Intelligence simplifies the need for organizations to rely heavily on threat intelligence platforms (TIPs) to inform their
vulnerability management efforts.

Fill the gaps. Exploit Intelligence shows the big picture of your organization's attack surface with insights tailored to actual risks on your assets.

Cybersecurity and IT professionals were surveyed to understand the nexus between threat intelligence and vulnerability assessments.
say they are using threat intel today for vulnerability prioritization to prevent data breaches & reduce mean time to remediation (MTTR).
remediate fewer than an average of 50 vulnerabilities a month.

Read the Dark Reading research report now to understand the nexus between threat intelligence and vulnerability management and why our Exploit Intelligence platform is right for your organization.

Exploit Intelligence vs. Threat Intelligence

Why threat intelligence and external attack surface management is a winning combination.

Threat intelligence was born out of a promise: sharing information could help defenders better predict what attackers would do next, and thus apply their limited resources where they would have the biggest impact. However, most threat intelligence feeds contain a wealth of information—and almost all of it is not relevant to your organization.

Learn how Exploit Intelligence combines the benefits of External Attack Surface Management (EASM) with current threat intelligence to transform the information into something you can act on in one platform.


Understanding the technology: Threat Intelligence & Exploit Intelligence

Read our comparative brief to learn how these technologies enhance one another.



Exploit Intelligence: An EASM force multiplier

Emma Zaballos shares her insight on tactical intelligence your team can act on.



Exploit Intelligence—end-to-end solution

Accelerate remediation efforts by focusing on exploitable vulnerabilities in your attack surface.


Fill in the gaps with our Exploit Intelligence platform.

CyCognito's end-to-end solution prioritizes which risks to remediate immediately—before they are exploited—by proactively discovering external assets, testing vulnerabilities, and providing expert threat- and risk-based insight.

Connect with us to learn how we can help you Rule Your Risk.