Our Platform Performs Attacker-Like Reconnaissance, Then Guides You on What to Fix First to Reduce the Most Risk

Preempt attacks by understanding where to focus your resources to stay ahead of attackers

Graphs Business & Asset Relationships

Advanced discovery reveals your entire internet-exposed attack surface

ESG Research has shown that it takes most organizations 41 person-hours or more to discover their external attack surface¹. The CyCognito platform uses machine learning, natural language processing, and a graph data model to reveal and relate all business relationships in your enterprise, including acquired companies, joint ventures, and cloud environments. It then discovers all of the assets of those entities exposed to the internet and identifies connections between them, even those that are not clearly or traditionally related.

CyCognito takes the attackers’ perspective, so you can see your digital attack surface the way they do.

¹Source: ESG Research Survey, Security Hygiene and Posture Management, October 2021


Determines Business Context

Automatic classification and attribution speeds your understanding of your assets

Our platform uses intelligent, iterative analysis to take the hassle out of determining who owns assets and what data resides on them. It automatically classifies 84% or more of your attack surface assets by their business context and relationship to your organization. Guidance and tools are provided to help you assign the remaining assets.

Business context enables your organization to quickly and continuously understand which assets and what data belong to which departments or subsidiaries within your organization, the business processes associated with those assets, and what risks and attack paths the assets expose. As your business and attack surface grow, this is key to understanding what is most attractive to attackers and where their paths of least resistance lie.


Tests Security at Scale

Expands your testing scope to the entire external attack surface

With no configuration required, our platform gives you a regularly updated view of the risks in your attack surface. Our automated security testing goes beyond just identifying the common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) that legacy VA products reveal and truly uncovers all attack vectors that malicious actors could use to breach your most critical assets, including data exposures, misconfigurations and even zero-day vulnerabilities.

Core to our testing capabilities, our automated smart vulnerability assessment uncovers risks across your entire external attack surface, not just the assets and IP ranges that your teams have programmed into a scanner. This enables you to significantly expand security testing coverage of your exposed IT ecosystem from its current scope (often only 30%-50%) to 100% without burdening your already over-extended cyber security teams with additional tools to manage, alerts to address, or false alarms to muffle.


Prioritizes Risks

Criticality based on what’s important to your business

Our platform identifies and prioritizes your organization’s most critical risks, making it easy for your security and IT teams to know where to focus first.

Our unique analysis prioritizes the hundreds or thousands of critical attack vectors down to the handful that account for the vast majority of your risk. The platform also determines an overall security grade for the assets in your attack surface so you can keep track of improvement and report back to management.

The platform’s automatic risk prioritization is based on:

  • Attackers’ priorities
  • Business context
  • Discoverability
  • Ease of exploitation
  • Remediation complexity

Accelerates Remediation

Saves you time with actionable guidance, efficient validation, and streamlined workflow integrations

The CyCognito platform streamlines the process of risk remediation and fix validation from months — on average — to days or even hours. This optimizes your team’s productivity, reduces your window of exposure, and diminishes the risk of a data breach.

For every risk that’s identified, the CyCognito platform provides detailed and actionable remediation guidance and exploit intelligence so your security and IT teams have a clear path forward. Our frictionless workflow integration capability connects with the most popular IT technologies, including SIEMs, ITSM, CMDBs, and communications software, to provide CyCognito’s intelligence to your remediation teams.

Once external attack surface issues have been addressed, the platform’s continuous testing process will efficiently validate your remediation efforts.


See the Platform in Action

The CyCognito platform performs automated reconnaissance on your attack surface, then prioritizes risks and provides remediation guidance and workflow orchestration to vastly reduce your find-fix-validate cycle.