Jim Wachhaus

Jim Wachhaus, Director of Technical Product Marketing, has been in technical roles on cybersecurity products for over two decades and is passionate about the discipline of cyber system defense.

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Never Let a Security Analyst Do a Machine’s Job - TCO calculator

By Jim Wachhaus | September 29, 2021
You know you need to look at your attack surface the way attackers do and invest in external attack surface management (EASM), right? ...
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Full or Foolish Disclosure: 5 Parts of Good Breach Disclosure

By Jim Wachhaus | July 15, 2021
I think it’s safe to say that everyone, except of course bad actors, will agree that it’s always best to avoid a security breach. ...
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Answering the Attack Surface Management “Build vs Buy” Question

By Jim Wachhaus | May 18, 2021
Why finding and securing your attack surface is a problem  Here’s the situation. If you manage a security team focused on security...
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Colonial Pipeline, “If Only You Knew The Power Of The DarkSide...”

By Jim Wachhaus | May 12, 2021
The shutdown of Colonial Pipeline, a major fuel pipeline in the United States, by ransomware is yet another cyberattack that highlights...
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Why On-Going Supply Chain Attacks Set Up an Awful Game of Telephone

By Jim Wachhaus | April 1, 2021
You know that game we played as children where we stood in a line and whispered a phrase to the next kid in line, and then they...
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Lessons Learned from Microsoft Exchange Zero-Days

By Jim Wachhaus | March 16, 2021
By now I’m sure that most everyone has heard of the Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities, and hopefully addressed them in their systems....
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