Jim Wachhaus

Jim Wachhaus, Director of Technical Product Marketing, has been in technical roles on cybersecurity products for over two decades and is passionate about the discipline of cyber system defense.

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The Great Resignation Isn't Going Away. Here's How to Retain Your Cybersecurity Employees.

By Jim Wachhaus | March 24, 2022
Demand for information security professionals is undoubtedly very high. Cyberattacks and ransomware seem to be in the news daily, and no...
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Two CyCognito Log4j2 Testing Modules

By Jim Wachhaus | December 21, 2021
We here at CyCognito have been talking about the importance of visibility, specifically external visibility into your attack surface and...
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Set Up Your Log4J Response Plan

By Jim Wachhaus | December 17, 2021
There is no “one size fits all” solution to the Apache Log4j issues yet, so at CyCognito we have implemented two CyCognito testing modules...
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Apache Log4j | Are you vulnerable?

By Jim Wachhaus | December 12, 2021
Official message about Log4j impact on the CyCognito Platform. There is no direct impact of the Log4j vulnerability to the CyCognito...
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Never Let a Security Analyst Do a Machine’s Job - TCO calculator

By Jim Wachhaus | September 29, 2021
You know you need to look at your attack surface the way attackers do and invest in external attack surface management (EASM), right? ...
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Full or Foolish Disclosure: 5 Parts of Good Breach Disclosure

By Jim Wachhaus | July 15, 2021
I think it’s safe to say that everyone, except of course bad actors, will agree that it’s always best to avoid a security breach. CyCognito...
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