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PRESS RELEASE: CyCognito Secures $100M to Accelerate Next Evolution of Attack Surface Management

By Raphael Reich, Vice President of Marketing | December 1, 2021
Company gives Fortune 500 companies including Colgate-Palmolive, Tesco and Scientific Games Corporation full visibility and context into...
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When your security tools introduce security weaknesses

By Sam Curcuruto | November 23, 2021
On the heels of another zero-day vulnerability found in a security tool, we’ve been working with our customers to show them whether or...
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Top attack vectors and how to prevent them

By Sam Curcuruto | November 18, 2021
Ransomware, supply chain disruption, social engineering leading to credential theft—cyber attacks seem to be disrupting businesses and...
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PRESS RELEASE: CyCognito and ESG Find 73% of Cybersecurity and IT Pros Use Spreadsheets to Manage Security Hygiene and Posture

By Raphael Reich, Vice President of Marketing | October 28, 2021
The majority of organizations report they have been breached via unknown or poorly managed assets, proving traditional approaches to...
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Never Let a Security Analyst Do a Machine’s Job - TCO calculator

By Jim Wachhaus | September 29, 2021
You know you need to look at your attack surface the way attackers do and invest in external attack surface management (EASM), right? ...
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New Report Reveals Subsidiaries are Global Enterprise Achilles Heel

By CyCognito Marketing Team | September 22, 2021
New CyCognito Report Reveals Subsidiaries are Global Enterprise Achilles Heel; Increasing Attack Surface and Exposure Drawing in...
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