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Vulnerability Notice: Patch CVE-2021-31166

By Alex Zaslavsky, Senior Product Manager & Daniel Lion, Security Researcher | May 21, 2021
In its Patch Tuesday release for May 2021 Microsoft released guidance and a patch for CVE-2021-31166. We’ve been tracking the research...
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Why On-Going Supply Chain Attacks Set Up an Awful Game of Telephone

By Jim Wachhaus | April 1, 2021
You know that game we played as children where we stood in a line and whispered a phrase to the next kid in line, and then they...
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Lessons Learned from Microsoft Exchange Zero-Days

By Jim Wachhaus | March 16, 2021
By now I’m sure that most everyone has heard of the Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities, and hopefully addressed them in their systems....
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Get Started on Zero Trust

By Raphael Reich, Vice President of Marketing | February 25, 2021
Get Started on Zero Trust A practical, 5-step approach based on advice from the experts Digital transformation, adoption of cloud, the...
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SUNBURST exposes supply chain security risks

By Raphael Reich, Vice President of Marketing | December 29, 2020
The recent cyber intrusion campaign that leveraged modified SolarWinds software – now widely termed SUNBURST – has dramatically raised...
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Shift Your Security Posture: Strength in Shared Vulnerability

By Jim Wachhaus | December 17, 2020
TLDR: Take Action Now The recent SolarWinds supply chain attacks reinforce that if your organization isn’t proactively discovering and...
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