Articles & Mentions

Cisco Patches Vulnerabilities in Small Business Routers, Switches
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SecurityWeek | July 2020
Cisco SMB kit harbors cross-site scripting bug: One wrong link click... and that's your router pwned remotely
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The Register | July 2020
10 Security Changes Post-COVID-19
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ESG | June 2020
Amid layoffs, companies track down and repossess remote employees' data access, devices
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CIO Dive | June 2020
Continuous Automated Penetration and Attack Testing (CAPAT) for COVID-19 cyber-risk mitigation
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ESG | April 2020
Democratic candidates beware: Here's how your campaigns can be hacked
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Forbes | February 2020
CyCognito employs offensive bot network to put companies a step a head of attackers
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The Last Watchdog | February 2020
12 hottest new cybersecurity startups at RSA 2020
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CSO | February 2020
5 cybersecurity vendors to watch in 2020
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TechTarget | January 2019

Latest Press Releases

Using CyCognito Platform, Researchers Uncover Zero-Day Vulnerability on CISCO Routers

July 2020

Router and switch market leader has Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability that gives attackers access to admin actions and sensitive information as well as the ability to phish for credentials and potentially move laterally.

CyCognito Wins Five 2020 ISPG Awards for Excellence in Security Cloud/SaaS

March 2020

Company broadly recognized for customer success, company leadership, product development and product innovation

CyCognito Wins Three Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

March 2020

Company recognized for outstanding technology, innovative approach and overall contribution to the cybersecurity industry

CEO Rob Gurzeev Named to Forbes 30 Under 30 List

December 2019

Co-Creator of Company That Shifts the Advantage of Surprise Away from Attackers, and in Favor of Security Pros, Named to 2019 Forbes Enterprise Technology Cohort

CyCognito Secures $23 Million in Funding

November 2019

CyCognito Secures $23 Million US in Funding to Address Shadow Risk with Next-Generation Platform that Defines a New Market Category, Solving a Fundamental Enterprise Security Challenge

CyCognito Announces Next-Generation Platform

November 2019

CISOs Cite Need for Platform That Continuously Maps, Prioritizes and Guides Remediation of Unknown, Unsecured Conduits



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