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CyCognito Partners Program

The trusted ecosystem of CyCognito Partners offer a wide range of services, integrations, and customized solutions to extend the power of the CyCognito Platform.


Legacy security assessment tools just don't cut it anymore. They can't detect the hidden security gaps that are common to organization with distributed IT ecosystems. Organizations need something to reveal the areas where they're most vulnerable - the ones they can't even see. CyCognito helps organizations uncover their shadow risk, see the true scope of their attack surface and protect themselves from the most sensitive, critical cyber risks.

The CyCognito Partner ecosystem is critical to achieving our vision of securing our customers. Together, our solutions offer integrated, holistic solutions for our joint customers delivered by our trusted Reseller and Service Provider Partners.

Come join us on our journey as we modernize the cybersecurity industry for our joint customers.

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Resellers & Systems Integrators
CyCognito value-added Reseller Partners are supported by a tiered program designed to help you market, sell, and deliver comprehensive offerings around the CyCognito platform.

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Managed Service Providers
CyCognito partners with Global and Managed Service Providers to offer customized security solutions offered as a service to meet the diverse needs of any customer.

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Technology Alliance Partners
CyCognito offers a rich integration and workflow capability. We provide Alliance Partners with the tools, documentation, and expertise needed to create unified, integrated experiences.

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Partner Portal
Login to our CyCognito Partner Portal to access training, marketing materials, sales tools, design guides, and more.

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Cyber Insurance Partners
CyCognito is working with a range of Carrier, Broken, and Reinsurance Partners to reduce the financial impact of security incidents to both the policyholder and the insurer.