How Will Attackers Breach Your Customers?

The CyCAST Platform performs reconnaissance like a sophisticated attacker to find security blind spots and mitigate exposed attack vectors.

Why Partner with CyCognito

What if your team could reveal the complete scope of an organizations’ true attack surface, and even better, guide them to focus on their highest risks based on prioritization of those newly found threat vectors?

Now they can. The CyCognito Continuous Attack Surface Testing Platform addresses the significant shortcomings of legacy products by enabling organizations to map their entire attack surface and to identify their exposed attack vectors.

When you introduce CyCognito to our joint customers, you will enable them to:

  1. Discover their attack surface – all attacker exposed assets
  2. Continuously assess their attack surface for security blind spots
  3. Prioritize risks to focus their security teams on the highest operational priorities

About the CyCognito Partner Program (CPP)

Why Join CPP

By joining the CyCognito Partner Program (CPP) your teams will be able to show customers – with zero installation, deployment or configuration and no disruption to business continuity – their attack surface, previously unknown attack paths, prioritized risks, and immediately actionable remediation guidance.

You Can’t Protect What You Can’t See!

Attackers are looking for your customers’ blind spots, are you? Legacy security testing approaches have not kept pace with your customers distributed and rapidly expanding digital footprints. The traditional solutions are inherently limited by either testing only periodically, looking only at known assets, or both.

Value to Partners

  • Rapid Enterprise Market Adoption: Offer a solution with demonstrated Global 500 early adopters
  • Accelerated Sales Cycles: Prove value quickly using cloud-based POCs with zero installation, configuration, or disruption of business continuity
  • Customer Retention: Help customer IT organizations succeed by focusing them on the most critical attack vectors
  • Multiple End-user Entry Points: Resolve our joint customers’ frustrations with the limitations of traditional tools
  • Larger Deal Sizes: Sell solutions that scale to meet large enterprise needs
  • Tertiary Security Product and Service Sales: Provide follow-on solutions to help our joint customers execute on CyCAST Platform recommendations
  • Recurring Revenue Stream: Get compensated on annual renewals and software subscriptions
  • Expand Your Share of Wallet: Displace legacy security testing and scanning tools that your organization did not implement

CPP Advantages

  • High Margin – Upwards of 20%
  • Deal Registrations – Additional Deal Registration Discounts
  • “Channel-In” Accelerator Program
  • CPP Enterprise Referral Program – Qualified account mapping partners
  • 100% Partner Led Services
  • 100% Channel First Organization!

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