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Attack Surface Management

Comprehensive Visibility, Continuously Updated

CyCognito Attack Surface Management, a component of the CyCognito platform, is the only EASM solution capable of scaling to the needs of the world’s largest global organizations. 

The result is an unprecedented view into an organization’s business structure and the assets tied to it.

CyCognito uses the attacker’s perspective to continuously map your organization’s structure and systematically identify all business units and subsidiaries. The discovery engine uncovers and attributes assets, leaving you with a fully populated external asset inventory that you can rely on. Evidence for every organization and asset is captured automatically, eliminating uncertainty and building confidence.

CyCognito maps your organization and applies that business context to your external assets.
CyCognito maps your organization and applies that business context to your external assets.

Core Features of Attack Surface Management


Zero-input Discovery

Stay on top of the risks posed by external exposure with CyCognito’s fully automated, continuous discovery engine. Based only on the name of your organization, CyCognito uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to map your attack surface.


Built-in Context

Accelerate identification, validation, and remediation of assets with detailed context. Security teams can prioritize action based on critical factors, like how discoverable and accessible the asset is to attackers.


Automated Attribution

Understand at a glance which assets are connected and how they put your organization at risk based on CyCognito’s automated attribution. Discover links between machines, including hyperlinks, gateways, usage of third-party code and resources, that expose critical resources.

CyCognito Solution Brief

Discover and Contextualize

Download CyCognito’s Discover and Contextualize Solution Brief to learn about the common problems that exist today within asset discovery and contextualization and how CyCognito can be implemented as a solution.

Solution Brief: Discover and Contextualize
Solution Brief: Discover and Contextualize