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Meet Alex Schuchman, CISO at Colgate-Palmolive

Watch how Alex Schuchman, CISO, Colgate-Palmolive reduces his attack risk efficiently.
Kevin-Kealy-Scientfic Games CiSO

Meet Kevin Kealy, CISO at Scientific Games Corporation

See how Kevin Kealy, Chief Information Security Officer at Scientific Games Corporation, a world leader in gaming entertainment, uses the CyCognito platform.

Kevin-Kealy-Scientfic Games CiSO
pen testing research report

Dark Reading Research Report

Read the latest research findings from Dark Reading and learn why penetration testing can not secure your organization.

pen testing research report

JUST PUBLISHED - White Paper: Rethinking Penetration Testing

Download this white paper to get a taste of the history pen testing, see where we are today, view the alternatives, and discover a better way to secure your organization.
in conversation with a CISI

Short Interview with an Experienced CISO

Hear what makes CyCognito invaluable part of a vulnerability management program from veteran CISO Darrell Jones. In this two-minute video Darrell shares why he takes CyCognito with him from one company to the next.

in conversation with a CISI

How the CyCognito Platform Aligns With MITRE ATT&CK

Interact with a graphical map of the ATT&CK Matrix to see how the capabilities of the CyCognito platform align with ATT&CK tactics and techniques.

8-Minute Demo Video

Watch a brief demo of the CyCognito platform to understand how it can help you identify, prioritize and eliminate your most critical risks.
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How Exploit Intelligence identifies and accelerates remediation of critical risks to your external attack surface.

How Exploit Intelligence can fill the gap between the current suite of solutions' ability to diagnose the attack surface and an organization’s cybersecurity needs.


Dark Reading - Threat and vulnerability data: Examine opportunities to reduce your risk with CyCognito.

Exploit Intelligence simplifies the need for organizations to rely heavily on threat intelligence platforms (TIPs) to inform their vulnerability management efforts.

Understanding the Technology: Threat Intelligence & Exploit Intelligence

Read our comparative brief to learn how these technologies enhance one another.

CyCognito-Guide-BAS or EASM (1) (dragged)

Understanding the Technology: External Attack Surface Management (EASM) & Breach and Attack Simulation (BA

Download a free copy of our new technology review to learn how External Attack Surface Management (EASM) stacks up against Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS).

Exploit Intelligence Data Sheet

The CyCognito platform’s Exploit Intelligence capability gives teams all they need to perform comprehensive security testing and attack exercises.
Five Lessons for Security Leaders from the Past Year’s Breaches

White Paper: Five Lessons for Security Leaders from the Past Year's Breaches

This white paper offers insight on the why behind each incident so you can learn from their mistakes and avoid the headaches, hassles, and headlines that come from a major breach.

Data Sheet: CyCognito Alignment with NIST 800-53

Data Sheet: CyCognito Alignment with NIST 800-53

The CyCognito solution aligns partially or substantially to 10 of the 20 control families as applied to externally facing assets. See details for more information on alignment.

Executive Brief-External Attack Surface Management

The Danger of Subsidiary Sprawl and Unknown Unknowns in External Attack Surface Management

Read about the data points we uncovered in reviewing attack surface risk among a sample of organizations over the last twelve months.  

CyCognito_COVER_SINET Jan18

On-Demand Webinar: SINET

Behind the Inner Workings of Criminal and Nationstate Tradecraft; Their MOs, Organizational Structures, and Tactics

COVER_CISO Podcast_Jan2022

The Perfect Gift for a Cyber Crook

This week’s episode is hosted by David Spark (@dspark), producer of CISO Series and
Andy Ellis (@csoandy), operating partner, YL Ventures. With sponsored guest Jim Wachhaus (@imanapt), risk intelligence evangelist, CyCognito.

Attack Vector Categories Data Sheet

To prevent an attack, it’s crucial to understand how attackers find their way into your network in the first place. We did some research and found some of the most common attack vectors. To learn about them, read this data sheet.

ESG Research Report

Manual processes based on asset management, vulnerability scanning and penetration testing -- all tied together by spreadsheets -- are not keeping your organization safe.

White Paper: Maximizing Security Value Through EASM

This SANS white paper provides the foundation to help you understand and maximize your security value by analyzing your attack surface using the perspective of attackers and includes three in-depth case studies that examine a range of attack surface management failures.


eBook: A Guide to Attack Surface Protection

This eBook defines a four-step approach you need to take to protect your attack surface. It provides everything you need to know about how to discover, assess, prioritize and remediate attack surface risks.

White Paper: Managing Risk from Subsidiaries

Are Your Subsidiaries Putting You at Risk?

To understand your risk, download our research on the current state of subsidiary risk among enterprises today (Spoiler alert: It’s dire).

COVER-ESG report

ESG Research Report

What's the right approach? Organizations should be continuously monitoring and testing their attack surface, and focusing their Security and IT operations teams with prioritized results.

Case Study: Scientific Games

Read why Kevin Kealy, Scientific Games Global CISO, chose the CyCognito platform to improve attack surface visibility and reduce cybersecurity risk and workflow complexity.

Dark Reading Research Report

The State of Penetration Testing 2021

Dark Reading Research Report

Read the latest research findings and learn why penetration testing can not secure your organization.

CyCognito Platform Overview

Data Sheet: CyCognito Platform

Uncover the unknown. See how our discovery engine uses graph data modeling to map your organization’s full attack surface. Review our core capabilities, key features and what differentiates us from legacy security tools.

Cover_Remediation Planning

Remediation Planner

Efficiently plan, track and measure security posture improvement.


OnDemand Webinar: Learn How to Get Better Results with Pen Testing

In this webinar recording you'll hear from two offensive security experts: former pen tester and CISO Darrell Jones, and former offensive security leader, Rob Gurzeev, now CEO and Co-Founder of CyCognito.


Case Study: Digital Publishing

Read how a digital publishing company found a solution that provided an accurate and actionable view of their digital footprint.  It allowed them to quickly address their risks and realistically report their security status to their Board of Directors.

White Paper: Rethinking Penetration Testing

Download this white paper to get a taste of the history pen testing, see where we are today, view the alternatives, and discover a better way to secure your organization.

Hype Cycle for Security Operations 2021

Download Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Security Operations 2021 to learn about why you should augment your security operations technology stack.


Interact with a graphical map of the ATT&CK Matrix to see how the capabilities of the CyCognito platform align with ATT&CK tactics and techniques.

Video: Product Demo

Watch a brief demo of the CyCognito platform to understand how it can help you identify, prioritize and eliminate your most critical risks. See how it exposes critical vulnerabilities with business context.


Data Sheet: Vulnerability Management

Proactively defend against threats from even the most sophisticated attackers. Learn why the CyCognito Platform is the only vulnerability management tool you will ever need.

White Paper: Attack Surface Visibility - The Foundation of Effective Cybersecurity

In this whitepaper we discuss the foundational role that attack surface visibility plays in your security approach and 5 considerations to map your attack surface more effectively.

Video: See How CyCognito Monitors Your Subsidiaries for Security Risk

The CyCognito platform gives you immediate visibility of the security posture of your subsidiaries. See how it identifies their attack surfaces and the effectiveness of their security controls.


Guide: Monitoring Your Subsidiary Risk with the CyCognito Platform

Identifying and monitoring your attack surface to eliminate IT risk is one of the greatest security challenges. Read this guide to see how the CyCognito platform gives you immediate visibility to the security posture of your subsidiaries. 



Brief: Vulnerability Management

Your extended IT ecosystem demands vulnerability management that sees what's going on with IT partner assets and other assets you don't even own, just as much as the assets you do own.


Tips and Best Practices to Get New Security Leaders Up and Running

Whether you are a new CISO or just new to this particular organization, as security professional you have a unique opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge in this critical position.
Attack Surface Visibility

Brief: Start with Attack Surface Visibility

Your attack surface is made up of digital assets you have or use, so to understand your attack surface, you have to understand your assets and how they are connected to your infrastructure, partners and other networks.

3-MINUTE VIDEO: Thoughts from an Experienced CISO

Tim Mather, a seasoned CISO, shares why a continuous security assessment process is critical. Enterprises have to move beyond the limitations of vulnerability scanners and penetration testing as they move toward the goal of cyber resiliency.


EMA Analyst Report

Read what a leading analyst firm (EMA) has to say about the CyCognito platform in this 2-page review.

Data Sheet: CyCognito Customer Success

Our Customer Success Team works alongside you to put in place the right strategies and best practices to achieve your
business risk goals. We are your advocates, product experts, and strategic advisors throughout your journey with CyCognito.


Guide: Security-Self Assessments

Discover  how you can validate your security posture with an outside-in approach as we cover some areas where SRS solutions come up short, and detail a more effective approach for looking at your own security posture.



Use Case Video: Attack Surface Management

This three-minute video demonstrates how organizations using the CyCognito platform discover more of their attack surface – often 100% more – and use attack surface visibility as a foundation to support their security testing workflows.

Video: The Vision Behind the CyCognito Platform

Hear from Rob Gurzeev, CyCognito's CEO and Co-Founder as he explains why CyCognito was created and what our platform does. You'll learn how automating the reconnaissance process attackers use enables organizations like yours to find and eliminate the paths of least resistance into your IT ecosystem.

Case Study

See how this publicly traded investment management firm increased its security effectiveness using CyCognito.

Guide: IT Risk Considerations for Mergers and Acquisitions

This solution guide will walk through the key issues to consider when evaluating IT security risk during your M&A due diligence process.


OnDemand Webinar: How to Discover, Manage, and Secure Your Attack Surface

Join a panel of experts from Cisco, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics and CyCognito as they build a conceptual map of an attack surface and the challenges that surround managing it. A visual note taker has illustrated the collective insights.

12-Minute Interview

Watch an interview with Dark Reading and CyCognito CEO Rob Gurzeev, as they discuss how to protect your extended IT ecosystem from attackers.

Video: Analytics and Reporting with CyCognito Platform

In this short video see why attack surface mapping is critical to an organization’s security posture and managing their IT assets. Learn how prioritizing risk gives focus to security teams on what is critical.


Guide: Critical Capabilities for Attack Surface Management

This paper evaluates different attack surface management solutions and examines five must-have capabilities needed to reduce attack vectors into your infrastructure.


Brief: Assess Your Security Effectiveness

Learn about five best practices for assessing your security effectiveness – that includes continuous monitoring. 

OnDemand Webinar: Attackers Don’t Play by the Rules but There is a Playbook for Defeating Them

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn why attackers are most likely to be surveying the areas of your attack surface where you don’t think to look and why every security team should be blocking the paths of least resistance in their attack surface.


2-Minute Interview

Watch a 2-minute interview with Business Security Weekly as they chat with CEO Rob Gurzeev about shadow risk and the path of least resistance.


Brief: Best Practices for Monitoring Subsidiary Risk

Whether your organization has 1 or 1,000 subsidiaries you should ensure that your team is using these best practices for security risk management.

OnDemand Webinar: Your Attack Surface is Far More Than Just the Tip of the Iceberg

In recorded webinar hosted by Security Weekly, CyCognito CEO Rob Gurzeev will talk about what’s needed to not only reveal but protect your entire attack surface.


CSO Platform Review

Learn how CyCognito studies networks the same way hackers do in a 2-page review of the platform.

Case Study

See how a healthcare technology company maps their attack surface and prioritizes remediation by knowing what assets and attack vectors are exposed. 

Executive Brief: Guide to Better Cybersecurity Visibility

Discover importance that attack visibility plays in understanding the extent of your IT risk exposure.
Learn About CyCognito

CyCognito Company Overview

Learn about CyCognito's mission and what drives the team.


OnDemand Webinar

Hear CyCognito CEO, Rob Gurzeev, and special guest, Forrester Principal Analyst, Josh Zelonis, for a conversation on the growing need for attack surface visibility.


Interview with a CTO

In this short video see why attack surface mapping is critical to an organization’s security posture and managing their IT assets. Learn how prioritizing risk gives focus to security teams on what is critical.


Best Practices for CISOs and Security Leaders

Don’t let the unknowns in your attack surface trip you up. We've outlined a few best practices to ensure your your organization's cyber resilience is at its full strength.


OnDemand Webinar: Discover and Secure All of Your Attack Surface

Today, 38% of your business workloads run in cloud environments, you may use hundreds of SaaS applications, and you are connected to subsidiaries and partner networks.

On-Demand Webinar: The Threat From the Internet

In this webinar, experts describe some of the latest attacks and threats emanating from the Internet, as well as advice and tips on how your organization can mitigate those threats before they affect your business.