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Attack Surface

Understand Your Attack Surface

See Exactly What Attackers See

See What Attackers See

Attackers are looking for the path of least resistance in your attack surface so that they can break into your high-value digital assets. To stay ahead, you have to think like an attacker too. That requires ongoing visibility of your attack surface, and there’s only one proven way to establish attack surface visibility, and that is to do what attackers do: perform reconnaissance across your entire IT ecosystem, using an outside-in approach.

With the full view of your attacker-exposed assets, you have a good foundation for evaluating your organizational risk and establishing an effective security program that allows you and your team to focus your resources on eliminating the highest priority risks for your business.


Attack Surface Visibility: The Foundation of Effective Cybersecurity

In order to protect your most-valued assets, you must have visibility across your entire attack surface, right down to the last connected device. Is your visibility up to the task? Download the paper to read about:

  • The foundational role that visibility plays in your security approach
  • Where legacy security testing systems leave gaps
  • Five critical points to consider when mapping your attack surface

What is an attack surface?

Learn about an attack surface and more industry terms in our glossary.

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