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Ongoing security self-assessment to measure and monitor your organization’s security effectiveness.

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Manage your security performance with the CyCognito platform to fully understand and measurably improve your cybersecurity posture. The digital risk management platform provides unprecedented visibility to risk across your organization’s attack surface so that you can perform a security self-assessment and measure your external risk, including your exposures in on-premises, cloud, partner and subsidiary environments. This automated self-assessment is built upon a detailed analysis of the business context and risk of each individual IT asset in your attack surface.



Assess your entire IT ecosystem with an “outside in” view for an objective, informed view of your cybersecurity risk.

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Measure security performance with grades per organization, environment, department and asset to help you identify your critical risks and track your progress against key performance indicators (KPIs).

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Continuous security monitoring ensures visibility of your ever-changing attack surface and its risks.

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“The CyCognito platform gives me an accurate snapshot of our security posture at the outset and then continues to provide me with updated information about our most critical vulnerabilities, along with guidance about how to remediate them. It's ideal for a new CISO who needs to quickly take stock of the security practices he or she has inherited, and continue to maintain visibility after that initial assessment.”

Anonymous | CISO | Global Insurance
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Internal Misuse
Creates Risk

An engineer at a large international hospitality company created a basic Javascript web interface that allowed him to run commands on the mainframe and debug mainframe code from home. That interface was exposed to the internet, however, and if discovered by attackers, it would have allowed them access to the organization’s reservation system and customers’ personal information. The CyCognito platform allows security professionals to detect and curtail this type of misuse. 

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There’s a Better Alternative than SRS for Security Self-Assessment

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