Phillip Wylie

Offensive Security Evangelist, CyCognito | Phillip Wylie is a cybersecurity professional and offensive security SME with over 18 years of experience, over half of his career in offensive security. Wylie is the Tech Evangelism & Enablement Manager at CyCognito. He is a former college adjunct instructor and published author. He is the concept creator and co-author of The Pentester Blueprint: Starting a Career as an Ethical Hacker and was featured in the Tribe of Hackers: Red Team.

Recent Posts

A Pen Tester's Guide to Hacker Summer Camp

By Phillip Wylie | July 28, 2022
Hacker Summer Camp is on the top of most cybersecurity professionals list of conferences, including mine. For those that haven’t heard of...
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BYOPT (Bring Your Own Pen Tester) A CyCognito Use Case for Pen Testing

By Phillip Wylie | June 2, 2022
Some Attack Surface Management (ASM) platform vendors provide an ASM solution that intends to fully replace pen testing, but at CyCognito...
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A Pen Tester’s Guide to RSA Conference

By Phillip Wylie | May 11, 2022
I am a big fan of cybersecurity conferences and to say that I am excited about the RSA Conference this year is an understatement. For those...
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Why You Should Pick up MITRE’s Latest Book of Strategies for SOCs

By Phillip Wylie | April 28, 2022
One of the most important things an organization can do when considering their overall attack surface is understand what type of threats...
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How to Get the Most out of Pen Tests

By Phillip Wylie | March 30, 2022
Before joining the Cycognito team, I spent more than half of my cybersecurity career in the offensive side performing pentests and red team...
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Exploit Intelligence: It's Not Just for Offensive Security Pros Anymore

By Phillip Wylie | March 16, 2022
My cybersecurity career spans a little over 18 years with over half spent in offensive security, working as a pentester and red team...
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