Digital Transformation Demands a Digital Risk Protection Strategy

By Raphael Reich, Vice President of Marketing | September 9, 2020

If transforming your interactions with customers, partners and employees around the globe has moved from a “best practice” to a funded initiative, you need new ways to manage the risk that comes along with your expanding business presence in the digital realm. 

Expanded third-party digital relationships, cloud deployments and a growing remote workforce make it critical to have a complete view of your expanded IT ecosystem and its cybersecurity risks.

security requirements for digital transformationThe CyCognito platform helps you:


Does Digital Transformation Require Digital Risk Protection? Yes!

And, It's Not Too Late to Secure Your Digital Transformation

The security of your extended IT ecosystem is a foundational element of your digital transformation. Because you don’t own or manage every part of that ecosystem, it’s harder, but no less critical, for you to establish and maintain full visibility and ongoing monitoring of your attack surface. The good news is, it’s not too late to incorporate an attack surface management foundation into your approach — even if your digital transformation is well underway. Read on to understand the why, how and when.

Why is Attack Surface Visibility Foundational to Digital Transformation?

Your attack surface consists of all of your attacker-exposed IT assets, whether secure or vulnerable, known or unknown, wherever they are: on-premises, in the cloud, in third-party or partner environments, or in the networks of your subsidiaries.

definition of attack surface
What is an attack surface? Your attack surface is the group of your attacker-exposed assets, known and unknown, wherever they are: in the cloud, in third-party environments, or in your subsidiaries.

Organizations undertaking digital transformation projects typically find their attack surface growing in ways they didn’t foresee. Yet it’s critical to have visibility into your entire IT ecosystem because attackers are looking for the path of least resistance into your attack surface so that they can break into your high-value digital assets. 

In fact, organizations focused on digital transformation find themselves open to ransomware attacks because of exposed pathways in their IT ecosystem of which they were completely unaware.


How Do You Achieve and Maintain Attack Surface Visibility?

Attackers continue to be very successful at compromising organizations, so a natural way to outmaneuver them is to think like an attacker too. That requires establishing ongoing visibility of your entire attack surface by performing reconnaissance across your entire IT ecosystem - just as attackers do, adopting an outside-in approach.

When Should You Start Securing Your Digital Transformation Initiatives?

The rewards of a well-executed digital transformation may outweigh the risks, but the security risks are real. Critical security issues in cloud deployments occur at 3 to 6 times the volume of critical risks in on-premises assets.

When enabling a remote workforce is part of your digital transformation efforts, make sure to consider the security of the associated infrastructure. National Security agencies in the U.S. and the U.K. caution that teleworking with its increased use of potentially vulnerable services, such as virtual private networks (VPNs), amplifies the risk of cybersecurity threats.

If you have missed building your digital transformation initiative on a strong attack surface management foundation, the time to start is now. 

The CyCognito platform helps you assess and address the cybersecurity risks across your entire IT ecosystem, with no deployment or configuration required. Contact us now to learn how to ensure that your digital transformation initiatives are executing on solid ground.

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Your Digital Transformation Requires Digital Risk Protection

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