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Study: EASM Products Boost Security While Reducing Costs

Tom Spring | November 17, 2022

What is the economic impact of adding an External Attack Surface Management platform to your 2024 cybersecurity roadmap?

Because data breach crystal balls do not exist, calculating a cybersecurity budget can test the mettle of even the most breach hardened CISO. As large economic trends tug more heavily on business priorities, CISOs are increasingly being forced to strike a balance between OpEx versus OpSec spending.

Now a recently released study, commissioned by CyCognito and conducted by Forrester Consulting, gives security team leaders actionable budgeting guidance for projecting a three-year total economic impact an External Attack Surface Management (EASM) platform would have on a large enterprise.

The study, The Total Economic Impact Of The CyCognito Platform™, illustrates how an EASM platform can address nagging cybersecurity issues such as long risk remediation times, shadow IT, scarce security expertise and the growing challenge firms face getting their arms around their entire attack surface and protecting it.

The 27-page study is chock full of data insights based on dozens of real-world scenarios among four existing CyCognito customers interviewed by Forrester. Forrester created a representative example customer based on the data from all four that it calls a “composite” organization.

For example, the Forrester study commissioned by CyCognito, found a representative business can achieve a 490% return on their EASM solution investment (ROI) within three years with the CyCognito platform. Once deployed, CyCognito’s EASM platform can help security teams achieve meaningful reductions in time spent managing IT assets and related labor costs.

Specific reductions include:

  • 60% in time spent by security teams on asset discovery.
  • 70% in labor costs tied to asset contextualization, meaning who owns the asset and its business purpose.
  • 15% in time spent remediating cybersecurity incidents.

The CyCognito Difference

Why and how EASM platforms help businesses reduce time, labor and security operations spending through automated asset discovery and identifying security risks is no secret. Less obvious is how CyCognito can achieve the results outlined in The Total Economic Impact Of The CyCognito Platform™ study by Forrester Consulting.

CyCognito achieves results by going beyond a typical EASM product. CyCognito distinguishes itself by fusing asset discovery, contextualization, testing, prioritization and remediation acceleration into a single product offering that can be managed via one highly intuitive dashboard.

By integrating typically siloed EASM functions together within a single framework, the parts are greater than the whole.

For the study, Forrester based its analysis on comparing the CyCognito platform to enterprise organizations that didn’t have an EASM solution but relied upon enormous amounts of manual efforts in the discovery, contextualization, security testing and remediation of their externally-exposed assets.

The purpose of this study is to arm business decision makers with economic intelligence to accurately evaluate the positive financial impact of the CyCognito platform on their organization.

Forrester’s analysis of benefits also include:

  • Savings On Mergers, Acquisitions, And Divestiture
  • Better Protection Against Security Exploits
  • Licensing Cost
  • Deployment Costs
  • Labor Savings On Handling False Positives

To learn more about how the CyCognito platform impacts labor savings within security teams, delivers faster remediation of risks and reduces costs related to cybersecurity insurance, we invite you to read Forrester’s study The Total Economic Impact Of The CyCognito Platform™.

About CyCognito

We are CyCognito, a revolutionary new approach to external cyber risk management driven to create positive business impact. Far deeper than external attack surface management, our platform helps organizations identify, understand and master their risk in profound new ways.

Fully-automated, highly scalable, and designed to function as promised, our platform uses advanced machine learning and natural language processing to allow for unprecedented reach, speed and accuracy. We can step into the shoes of potential attackers—which in turn helps us identify and secure gaps better than anyone. We help teams secure their attack surface by helping them determine true risks, where they need to focus and how they should invest. And then we use what we learn to help bridge cyber risk remediation across departments unlike ever before.

We are committed to helping you Rule Your Risk™. Learn more about the CyCognito platform.

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