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Colonial Pipeline, “If Only You Knew The Power Of The DarkSide...”

By Jim Wachhaus | May 12, 2021
The shutdown of Colonial Pipeline, a major fuel pipeline in the United States, by ransomware is yet another cyberattack that highlights an...
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CyCognito Raises $30 Million in Series B Funding

By CyCognito Marketing Team | July 23, 2020
CYCOGNITO RAISES $30 MILLION IN SERIES B FUNDING   Enables Expanded Market Presence for Unique Approach to Uncover and Assess Risk of...
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Researchers Uncover Zero-Day Vulnerability on Cisco Routers

By CyCognito Marketing Team | July 2, 2020
PRESS RELEASE: Using CyCognito Platform, Researchers Uncover Zero-Day Vulnerability on Cisco Routers Router and switch market leader has...
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How Passive DNS can help with Securing your Attack Surface

By Jim Wachhaus | May 27, 2020
Passive DNS: Active discovery from your organization's DNS history The traditional Domain Name System (DNS) is a real-time distributed...
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Eliminate the Shadow Risk That Attackers Seek First

By Raphael Reich, Vice President of Marketing | March 6, 2020
In my recent Reduce Your Attack Vectors, Not Your Attack Surface blog, I  offered our view that you should focus on reducing the number of...
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CyCognito Named a “Cybersecurity Vendor to Watch”

By CyCognito Marketing Team | January 14, 2020
CyCognito ended 2019 with bang by making two key announcements: The availability of the next-generation CyCognito platform and securing a...
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