Accelerating Our Journey: CyCognito Celebrates US$100M Series C

By Rob Gurzeev, CEO and Co-Founder of CyCognito | December 1, 2021

Today is a monumental day for CyCognito and another strong move in our journey to reshape how organizations discover and protect their attack surface. Over the last few years we have enjoyed a great partnership with Accel, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Sorenson Ventures, UpWest and Dan Scheinman, and now we just announced our $100M Series C funding round led by The Westly Group, with new investors Thomvest Ventures and The Heritage Group joining the team. These new and continued investments, along with the trust of our rapidly growing customer base, validate our platform approach to helping organizations protect their external attack surface from even the most sophisticated attackers.

We have had a lot of fun over the last three and a half years building a great team, a best-in-class product and working with some of the most proactive, capable CISOs and security teams in the world. Every single one of you has shaped the journey thus far. We would not be here without you, and I look forward to seeing what we accomplish together going forward.

Finding The Paths of Least Resistance

Sixty-nine percent (69%) of organizations report that they have been breached through internet-exposed assets that were poorly secured or previously unknown. Attackers will always pursue the path of least resistance into an organization’s IT ecosystem, and if you don’t have a superior level of risk intelligence, it’s impossible to protect your organization. This challenge can’t be solved with the legacy solutions developed ten, twenty, even thirty years ago.

It can only be solved by finding a way to completely map an organization’s entire external attack surface, pathways and risk to see what attackers see and narrow the gap between attackers and defenders. What’s needed is to provide IT and security teams a prioritized list of the “small number of attack vectors that pose >90% of the risk,” as I like to explain it.

We built the only platform that offers comprehensive external attack surface management and autonomous security testing to solve this challenge. Our proactive approach to uncovering and prioritizing risk and dramatically accelerating remediation is unmatched in the industry and provides security teams with the insight and confidence to quickly preempt potential attacks.

We continue to innovate and move our platform forward to do more to help solve this challenge. Just this year we introduced:

  • Orchestrated remediation processes to automatically start the remediation process and integrate with the tools and processes security teams have in place.
  • The Remediation Planner that further enhances operational efficiency for both security and IT teams by automatically generating a playbook on how to fix the small number of open issues that account for more than 90% of the critical risk.This massively reduces the mean time to remediate (MTTR) critical issues from months to days or even hours.
  • Exploit Intelligence capabilities that further prioritize security gaps and strengthen trust between Security Ops, IT Ops and DevOps -- the teams most often tasked with remediation -- by providing details on how to safely validate how gaps can be exploited.

Looking Forward to the future

As we round out the year and look to 2022, one thing is clear— external attack surfaces will continue to become more complex. Attackers will continue to look for weak spots as they always have, which is why 69% of organizations have experienced a cyber incident due to a blind spot. Fortunately, CyCognito will be there to help organizations understand and manage risk. We will continue to grow and invest in our team, culture and platform to deliver the market’s best external attack surface management and protection.

It Takes a Team

Building a market-leading product requires market-leading DNA. As we’ve grown, I’ve learned so much about the importance of team and culture. Every day our talented team pushes the limits of what we can do for our customers, our technology, and ourselves. They are innovators. They are disruptors. They are bold and decisive, talented and unique, diverse and inclusive. Together: we are CyCognito. And I firmly believe that together we are changing security forever.



Thank you again for being with us on the journey so far and I look forward to what we do next, together!

To read more about our funding, please see our press release. If you’d like to connect with our team, please join us at our upcoming tailgate.


About Rob Gurzeev, CEO and Co-Founder of CyCognito

Rob Gurzeev, CEO and Co-Founder of CyCognito, has led the development of offensive security solutions for both the private sector and intelligence agencies.

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