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Attackers Are Paying Attention as Remote Working Becomes the New Norm

By Rob Gurzeev, CEO & Co-Founder & Dixie Fisher, Senior Product Marketing Manager | Apr 21, 2020
With many organizations now adopting an almost entirely working-from-home (WFH) model as the world shelters-in-place to battle the...
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Eliminate the Shadow Risk That Attackers Seek First

By Raphael Reich, Vice President Product Marketing | Mar 6, 2020
In my recent Reduce Your Attack Vectors, Not Your Attack Surface blog, I  offered our view that you should focus on reducing the number...
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The Castle Has Fallen

By Greg Kruck, Director of Sales Engineering, East, CyCognito | Feb 4, 2020
The 1990s was a good time for security teams, when our networks only had a couple points of ingress and egress.  Just like defending a...
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CyCognito Named a “Cybersecurity Vendor to Watch”

By CyCognito Marketing Team | Jan 14, 2020
CyCognito ended 2019 with bang by making two key announcements: The availability of the next-generation CyCognito platform and securing...
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Cybersecurity Research: Latest Security Risk Trends and Data

By Alex Zaslavsky, Research Team Lead | Nov 19, 2019
CyCognito research staff analyzed data aggregated from hundreds of organizations to identify the top-level shadow risk trends that...
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Beating Attackers at Their Own Game - Preventing Cybercrime

By Rob Gurzeev, CEO and Co-Founder of CyCognito | Nov 19, 2019
Automating Offensive Security Processes to Discover and Defend the Attack Surface The CyCognito journey began with a keen awareness that...
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