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How Automation Can Empower Your Security Operations Team

By Aviel Tzarfaty | November 21, 2022
Automation and intelligent workflows are the cornerstones of an effective external risk management approach to cybersecurity and a surefire...
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Study: EASM Products Boost Security While Reducing Costs

By Tom Spring, Media Manager | November 17, 2022
What is the economic impact of adding an External Attack Surface Management platform to your 2024 cybersecurity roadmap? Because data...
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Rash of Breaches Hit Businesses in Australia Hard

By Tom Spring, Media Manager | November 15, 2022
Recent spate of breaches in Australia spur huge fines to push security teams to tighten their external attack surface. The Australian...
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The Great Resignation Isn't Going Away. Here's How to Retain Your Cybersecurity Employees.

By Jim Wachhaus | March 24, 2022
Demand for information security professionals is undoubtedly very high. Cyberattacks and ransomware seem to be in the news daily, and no...
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Exploit Intelligence: It's Not Just for Offensive Security Pros Anymore

By Phillip Wylie | March 16, 2022
My cybersecurity career spans a little over 18 years with over half spent in offensive security, working as a pentester and red team...
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CyCognito’s 2022 Cyber Security Predictions

By Lisa Bilawski, Director of Content Marketing | January 11, 2022
Once again, the season of cyber security predictions is back upon us. This year we come with a collection of predictions from a selection...
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