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SUNBURST exposes supply chain security risks

By Raphael Reich, Vice President Marketing | December 29, 2020
The recent cyber intrusion campaign that leveraged modified SolarWinds software – now widely termed SUNBURST – has dramatically raised...
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Despite Tough Regulations, Tracking PII Remains an Ongoing Challenge

By Dixie Fisher, Senior Product Marketing Manager | December 23, 2020
Global online business practices changed significantly with the introduction of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in...
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Attackers Breach FireEye - An Attack Surface Security Reminder

By Raphael Reich, Vice President Marketing | December 15, 2020
As if the world needed any more convincing,  the recently disclosed breach of FireEye made clear that even top name security companies...
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ESG Research Report - security testing and attack surface monitoring

By CyCognito Marketing Team | November 23, 2020
The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) and CyCognito recently released illuminating cybersecurity practices research based on a survey of...
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Ransomware Plagues Healthcare with Disruptive and Potentially Devastating Consequences

By Raphael Reich, Vice President Marketing | November 2, 2020
As cases surge amidst an ongoing pandemic, hospitals face another crisis: ransomware. Dozens of hospitals have been targeted over the...
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CyCognito Named Winner of 2020 SINET 16 Innovator Awards

By CyCognito Marketing Team | October 15, 2020
The SINET 16 is an annual list of the most innovative and compelling cybersecurity companies in the world   Palo Alto, Calif. — CyCognito
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