eliminate ransomware

Prevent Ransomware by Protecting
Your Attack Surface

Discover how attack surface protection hardens your ransomware defenses.

Preventing ransomware in the first place is obviously better than incident response or paying a ransom. What’s the best way to avoid becoming a ransomware victim? Proactive prevention in the early part of the cyber kill chain. The CyCognito platform offers attack surface protection to help you proactively and efficiently eliminate ransomware entry points in your external attack surface.



To protect your organization against ransomware, you need:

• Visibility to your entire external attack surface, ALL of the time 

• Continuous attack surface security testing

• Efficient prioritization of security issues 

• Streamlined elimination of attack surface risks






The CyCognito platform discovers all of your external attack surface, finding assets and entry points that other solutions miss. 

The CyCognito platform reveals your organization’s entire external attack surface, including previously unknown and abandoned, third-party, and subsidiary assets that can be used by attackers to gain entry into your network and then plant ransomware. 

The CyCognito platform tests your attack surface continuously. 

Testing is done on the foundation of complete external attack surface visibility, including the unknown and unmanaged entry points that ransomware hackers prefer to exploit without raising notice until their attack is ready to launch.

The platform's continuous testing reveals security gaps that attackers seek for their ransomware footholds, including open remote desktop protocol (RDP) and server message block (SMB) ports, unsafe authentication, and a number of security hygiene issues that can provide attackers “paths of least resistance” into your network. 


The CyCognito platform prioritizes attack vectors based on business context and attacker priorities. 

Preventing ransomware effectively is all about priorities: your organization’s and the attackers’. To help you eliminate the most attractive paths for ransomware attackers, the CyCognito platform automatically assigns business context and organizational attribution to your assets and prioritizes your risks. It ranks the security risk associated with each asset by considering factors such as how attractive the asset is to attackers and how easy the vulnerability is to exploit.

The platform also gives you quick visibility to all the security issues associated with a particular asset, so you can see them in context with one another to understand how an attacker might combine exposures to execute the malicious payload. 

The CyCognito platform helps you quickly eliminate ransomware risks. 

The platform decreases the time it takes you to eliminate ransomware risks and validate fixes, while streamlining your overall process.

For every issue that’s identified, the CyCognito platform provides detailed and actionable remediation guidance so your security and operations teams don’t have to research that information. It streamlines remediation workflows by communicating that information between teams via integrations with ticketing systems such as ServiceNow and communication apps like Slack.

Once issues have been addressed, the platform’s continuous testing process enables you to efficiently validate that your efforts to block the entry points were successful.


Future-proof Your Attack Surface

Ransomware techniques will continue to evolve. The CyCognito platform enables your organization to proactively and efficiently eliminate ransomware entry points in your attack surface and provides you with the right foundation to prevent future and as yet unanticipated approaches.

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