Prioritize and Eliminate
Attack Vectors

Maintain a continuously updated and prioritized view of your attacker-exposed IT ecosystem.

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The CyCognito platform helps you eliminate critical attack vectors with a continuously updated and prioritized view of your attacker-exposed IT ecosystem. You and your security team can use the CyCognito platform to pinpoint critical risks just as attackers do. Organizations that still have to perform legacy external testing to meet customer agreements or compliance regulations use the CyCognito platform to augment and optimize those processes by focusing the legacy tests on the areas of greatest risk that the CyCognito platform has identified.



Continuously identify the critical weaknesses in your IT ecosystem that are most attractive to attackers.

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Prioritize your remediation efforts to massively increase your security team effectiveness.

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Get actionable remediation guidance.

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"Vulnerability scanning and penetration tests provide security hygiene, but not a full picture of what attackers are most likely to target. Using CyCognito to understand the risks that are present informs how to scope a pen test and even select the methodology."

Megan Bell
Chief Privacy and Security Officer Human API
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Helping a Healthcare Organization Avert Disaster

A leading US healthcare organization with an exposed Oracle content management server on Oracle’s cloud became misconfigured. This exposure left the door open for attackers to connect as an admin and upload arbitrary content to the main website - content that could redirect the organization's 100 million users to a fraudulent site or infect their assets. This type of data exposure would go undetected by legacy vulnerability scanners. And high-quality pen testers would take months just to detect.

Using the CyCognito platform, the organization immediately identified this exposure, eliminating the possibility for attack or exploitation.

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