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On-demand Webinar with Forrester

Forrester's Total Economic Impact™ Study: The value of EASM

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As organizations scale their IT ecosystem over time, they face increased difficulty identifying and protecting their growing attack surfaces. Enterprises encounter challenges, such as shadow IT and high labor costs, to find and contextualize the growing volume of assets and risks exposed to the internet and therefore to potential attackers.

This webinar shares Forrester’s independent analysis of our platform's business value in helping customers discover their known and unknown IT assets, find and prioritize the risks they harbor, and provide them with credible evidence to accelerate their time to remediation.

Our guest speakers Sam Sexton, Consultant, and Jessica Burn, Senior Analyst, from Forrester, share real CyCognito customer experiences and how a sample organization can benefit from the CyCognito platform, such as seeing:

  • A 490% ROI on the investment in the CyCognito platform
  • A reduction of 60% of the manual time spent identifying assets
  • A reduction of 15% in time to remediation

Accelerate your risk remediation

Getting results without disrupting business is essential for CIOs. With the CyCognito platform, you can manage your risk confidently and intentionally to minimize your organization’s risk exposure. Learn about our revolutionary approach to external cyber risk management. Discover more about our solutions and how we help organizations identify, understand and master their risk in profound new ways.

Learn more about CyCognito and take the first step to Rule Your Risk.