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How Advanced Security Testing Helps in Protecting Digital Data

Scalable, continuous, and comprehensive security testing across your full inventory of external assets, including web applications and operating systems – only from CyCognito.

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In seconds, see the results of CyCognito’s automatic, active, and scalable dynamic application security testing (DAST) and experience the deeper insights and accelerated action only active security testing can provide. Delve deeper into the realm of software security testing tools to identify and rectify security vulnerabilities.

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Benefits of Advanced Security Testing

Benefit One
Eliminate gaps in security testing coverage

Testing a fraction of externally exposed assets, infrequently, does not solve meaningful security risk. Security gaps can have detrimental impacts if not addressed timely.

CyCognito’s extensive security testing regimen permits your organization to automatically increase the number and frequency of security audits on your entire exposed IT ecosystem.

Through a broad regimen of IP vulnerability scanning and dynamic application security tests (DAST), coupled with static application security testing (SAST), CyCognito detects common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs), exploitable application code, system misconfiguration, exposed data, default credentials, certificate validity issues, and more.

Benefit Two
Uncover risk, not just issues.

Focusing on CVE identification isn’t enough. It's imperative to identify vulnerabilities and act on them.

CyCognito understands that managing external risk requires more than vulnerability detection. Comprehensive security scanning results + asset context combine to form CyCognito’s discoverability and attractiveness scores, which lead to the most accurate risk assessment available in EASM today.

Advanced security testing performed across your full inventory of external assets, automatically and continuously, enables a new level of visibility into risk and the steps needed to reduce it.

Benefit Three
Reduce testing complexity and costs

Organizations today are challenged with completing security audits at the scope and speed required to make meaningful decisions. Identifying security weaknesses becomes a priority.

CyCognito’s advanced security testing is field-proven to scale millions of assets, automatically.

CyCognito takes the burden and cost out of managing security audits; all tests are completed automatically, using CyCognito’s enterprise grade testing infrastructure.

CyCognito’s advanced security testing complements a broad range of teams size and skill sets; sophisticated teams save time because they don’t have to do their own risk assessment; less mature teams benefit from expert remediation guidance they wouldn’t otherwise have.

We may have more high value assets in our inventory than we can test on a regular annual basis. Using CyCognito to be able to test everything to a level on a regular basis, makes our penetration testing program more effective as far as high value assets."

— Darrell Jones | Chief Information Security Officer, Ares Management Corporation Kaiser Permanente
CyCognito Solution Brief

Security Testing

Download CyCognito’s Security Testing Solution Brief to learn about the challenge of testing at scale, how to stay ahead of your changing attack surface, and how you can best prioritize and remediate risk.

Solution Brief: Security Testing
Solution Brief: Security Testing