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About our company

Welcome to the Shadow
Risk Revolution

CyCognito empowers companies to take full control over their attack surface by uncovering and eliminating the critical security risks they didn’t even know existed.

Our Mission

To build the next-generation security risk assessment product category: solutions that autonomously discover, enumerate, and prioritize each organization’s security risks based upon a global analysis of all external attack surfaces, and attack vectors that a real attacker would likely exploit.

We believe all organizations should be able to protect themselves from even the most sophisticated attackers. That's why we created the first ever Shadow Risk Elimination platform, putting nation-state level cyber reconnaissance techniques into the hands of every organization. When their risks are no longer in the shadows, companies operate more confidently, safely and freely.
CyCognito Team in San Diego
The CyCognito Team at our sales kickoff in San Diego.

Attackers always look for an organization's path of least resistance. Most often this is through unknown or unmanaged assets, because legacy tools completely miss them. Our journey began with a question: What if we could simulate an attacker's reconnaissance plan, starting only with a target company’s name? That's how Shadow Risk Elimination was born.”

Shadow Risk Elimination was born to empower companies to take charge of what would otherwise be exploited by attackers.

Our Board of Directors

Cy Cognito Rob Gurzeev
CEO and Co-FounderRob Gurzeev
Cy Cognito Dima Potekhin
CTO and Co-FounderDima Potekhin
Arif Janmohamed
Lightspeed Venture PartnersArif Janmohamed
Ken Elefant
Sorenson VenturesKen Elefant
Dan Schienman
Independent Board DirectorDan Scheinman
Eric Wolford
AccelEric Wolford

Join Our Team

Want to help transform the cybersecurity industry? Be part of an expert cybersecurity team that helps organizations uncover and eliminate their invisible cyber risks.

Colgate-Palmolive Company

“CyCognito provides our company with cutting-edge technology, enabling my team to have global visibility into our web-facing assets in an easy-to-use interface.”

Alex Schuchman| Chief Information Security Officer

Our Investors

Backed by leading companies.

Case Study

Human API

Continuous security assessment
Visibility to previously unknown threats
Prioritization of critical risks to be addressed
Validation that security controls are operating as expected
Information to help focus penetration testing
Data to support the business case for additional resources