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Your Assets, In Context

CyCognito automatically classifies your attack surface assets by their business context and relationship to your organization. Act with knowledge, act with confidence.

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Benefit One
Full Context, Informed Action

Go beyond CVEs and understand exactly what attackers see in your attack surface.

Don’t settle for generic CVSS scores. CyCognito’s asset contextualization empowers your team with the knowledge of what an asset does, where it’s located, what other assets it connects to, and how attractive it is to attackers looking to access your data.

Benefit Two
Know Who’s Responsible For Your Assets

In Cycognito’s platform, every asset is placed within its business context, so you always know who should take action to remediate issues.

Trying to find asset owners in a sprawling organization costs valuable time and misidentifications throw spanners in the works, contributing to mistrust between teams.

Use CyCognito’s asset contextualization to get buy-in from other teams and ensure the right people are taking action to remediate security issues.

Benefit Three
See Your Assets Like Attackers See Them

Not all assets are created equal, and no one knows that better than attackers. CyCognito shows you which assets are most likely to be targets and why so that your team can act with confidence.

See the discovery path that CyCognito used to identify your assets, related assets that may be connected, and exposed services and open ports that your team may not be aware of.

Explore CyCognito’s assessed Asset Attractiveness and Asset Discoverability metrics to see through attackers’ eyes.


See How CyCognito Monitors Your Subsidiaries for Security Risk

The CyCognito platform gives you immediate visibility of the security posture of your subsidiaries. It identifies their attack surfaces and the effectiveness of their security controls, without requiring any deployment or configuration.


What really impressed me about CyCognito was the depth of information they had in the platform, being able to jump into the dashboard and see all the assets across my different parts of the organization. It gives me a one stop shop. We're looking at what are the associated issues and vulnerabilities in that whole asset repository."

— Alex Schuchman | Chief Information Security Officer, Colgate-Palmolive Company