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How Discovery Helps Rule Your Risk

A dynamic asset inventory, built using natural language processing and advanced analysis of open source intelligence (OSINT), at your fingertips.

Self-Guided Product Tour

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In seconds, see how CyCognito takes the attacker’s perspective and captures an organization’s business structure, finds assets and shows you the path of least resistance to the heart of an organization.

Give the CyCognito Platform a test-drive through our self-guided, interactive dashboard product tour.

A dynamic asset inventory, built using natural language processing and advanced analysis of open source intelligence (OSINT), at your fingertips.

Benefit One
Uncover Gaps Proactively

According to the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, eighty percent (80%) of cyberattacks occur through external attack vectors.

Reconnaissance performed like an attacker performs it. CyCognito’s comprehensive discovery engine enables your team to significantly expand testing coverage of exposed IT ecosystem from current scope (often only 30-50% of known assets) to greater than 90%

CyCognito identifies internet-exposed attack vectors in traditional data centers, SaaS, IaaS, partners, subsidiaries and interconnected companies, not just those environments owned by the customer.

Benefit Two
Dynamically maintain a complete list of external assets

An updated asset inventory. Automatically.

CyCognito systematically uncovers exposed external assets – without input or configuration - using OSINT-based attacker reconnaissance tools, approaches and more.

Classification and attribution information is added to every asset, significantly reducing time spent researching and acting as a force multiplier for effectiveness.

Benefit Three
Automatically map your organizational business structure

Assets aren’t the only items to monitor.

Change is constant. CyCognito research shows that attack surfaces are growing or shrinking 5.5% every month with often the IT security teams the last to find out. The more complex the organizational structure, the more necessary an automated discovery process becomes.

Organizations must dynamically re-evaluate their infrastructure to adjust to drift. The CyCognito platform uses machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and a graph data model to uncover all organizational relationships in your enterprise, including acquired companies, joint ventures, and cloud environments.

Benefit Four
Automate your evidence collection

Remove tedious, error-prone manual processes with an automated graphical evidence chain.

Discovery, classification and attribution requires evidence to support the claim. CyCognito automates evidence collection throughout the discovery process and makes the information accessible through the UI.

Streamline audits and improve cross functional communication with graphical attribution evidence chain - with CyCognito, every detail is fully explainable.

CyCognito Solution Brief

Discover and Contextualize

Download CyCognito’s Discover and Contextualize Solution Brief to learn about the common problems that exist today within asset discovery and contextualization and how CyCognito can be implemented as a solution.

Solution Brief: Discover and Contextualize
Solution Brief: Discover and Contextualize

[Before the CyCognito platform], we had to rely on what the network team was telling us. And that was pretty much it. When we did an acquisition, the network team would let us know, ‘OK, here’s a new IP range for this company that we just acquired.’ Our discovery was limited to what they told me we had. That was one of the reasons that we went with CyCognito. Now, I have full visibility of all the assets that we own.”

— Physical Security Organization | Director of Security and Compliance