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March 19-22 | Denver, Colorado

Meet us at 2023 Americas Spring Summit - FS-ISAC

Visit CyCognito at booth 501 to discover how CyCognito’s External Attack Surface Management platform can take you into a resilient future.

Cy Cognito Anne Marie Zettlemoyer
CyCognito CSO Panelist

Join Anne Marie Zettlemoyer, CSO at CyCognito and peers

When: Tuesday, Mar 21, 2023 1:30pm MT
Where: Summit 4-5

Join this group of security experts in this panelist discussion “Security organizations and people - Mastering the ordinary with the extraordinary (“Do the basic stuff well”)". This panel will discuss how security teams can operationalize CISA, a free resource available to security programs large and small, with real-world examples from Anne Marie Zettlemoyer, CSO at CyCognito; Poonam Verma, SVP Threat Awareness and Application Security for US Bank; Joe Calia, SVP Business Operations for MasterCard and Eric Goldstein, Executive Assistant Director for Cybersecurity, CISA.

CyCognito is at booth 501

Stop by and learn how to Rule Your Risk™  with a SaaS platform that lets you make intentional, evidence-based risk remediation decisions! The CyCognito platform makes it easy to know you’re focused on the right risks, and helps you remediate them quickly with trustworthy details and guidance.

Come by and join us for a hot pretzel and wind down at Monday night’s booth crawl.

Book a meeting to speak with an expert

Let’s chat about our SaaS platform that gives you what you need to make informed decisions and fully manage your external attack surface risk by discovering known and unknown assets, security testing them, and prioritizing where your teams need to focus immediately.

Book a meeting in advance to stop by our booth and speak with one of our resident experts to learn more about how you can start the journey to ruling your risk!


Accelerate your risk remediation

Getting results without disrupting business is essential for CIOs. With the CyCognito platform, you can manage your risk confidently and intentionally and minimize your organization’s risk exposure. Learn about CyCognito’s revolutionary approach to external cyber risk management. Discover more about our solutions and how we help organizations identify, understand and master their risk in profound new ways.

Visit the CyCognito booth 501 and take the first step to Rule Your Risk.