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Exploit Intelligence

Know which risks to remediate immediately

CyCognito Exploit Intelligence, a part of the CyCognito threat intelligence platform, enhances risk prioritization and empowers red teams and penetration testing by combining threat intelligence about in-the-wild activity with gaps discovered in your attack surface. Exploit Intelligence provides step-by-step exploitation instructions that enable your teams to safely simulate attacks to validate risks and generate indicators of compromise (IOCs) in SIEM, XDR and other security countermeasures.

Exploit Intelligence, a subset of Threat Intelligence, takes the advanced prioritization capabilities of the CyCognito platform even further, enabling organizations to accelerate Mean Time To Remediate (MTTR) by reducing the number of alerts to focus on by orders of magnitude.

Core Benefits of Exploit Intelligence


Emergent Threat Advisories in Security Teams

Get detailed security advisories from trusted sources, like CISA, combined with other cyber threat intelligence feeds and your own security gaps to quickly understand what to fix first, and how.


Threat + Risk Intelligence

Map threat intelligence about in-the-wild attacker activity with susceptible vulnerabilities on your attack surface to know which assets are affected by, or protected from, threats.


Security Issue Validation

Security teams can validate risks by following exploitation guidance that safely simulates attacks and exercises your security countermeasures.


Combine Threat Intelligence Tool with External Attack Surface Management Tool to Prioritize Remediation


Manage and Protect Your Entire Attack Surface with Threat Intelligence Software

Security Advisories

Understand how you are affected by the activities of attackers

Curated threat intelligence that shows security teams how vulnerabilities are being actively exploited by attackers in the wild and how those threats map to vulnerabilities in their external attack surface.


Democratize Red-Teaming with Step-by-Step Instructions

Get step-by-step instructions to safely exploit security vulnerabilities and simulate breaches. Simulation makes it possible to validate your security countermeasures and evidence by the presence or lack of indicators of compromise (LOCs) in your SIEM or XDR.


Confidently answer: "Are we impacted by this latest threat?"

Leverage information about potential threats in-the-wild and combine that with the state of your attack surface to help answer questions from other business units, executives, and the board.

We also include MITRE ATT&CK Framework mappings to better communicate and understand potential adversary behavior.

Learn more about how the CyCognito threat intelligence platform works.